So last time I wrote of a friend that was going to a hospital for help with weight loss.  She went and they gave her a shake and bar diet.  Every week we got an update:  I lost 10 pounds total, I lost 12 pounds total.  Well last Wednesday she told our volleyball team she was done with it.

I did not ask about it, but I know what the problem was.  You can follow someone else’s regimen for only so long.  You are an individual and your needs are entirely different.  Your taste preferences, ratios of carbohydrates to fats to protein will vary from person to person.  It is entirely NOT her fault she could not stick to it.  I am sure she feels guilt ridden.  So her next venture: a running program.  

There in lies the problem. With diets there is always the next one.  If one didn’t work, lets go to the next! In fact, suggestions came flying up in response to her defeated announcement.  The 30 Day Cleanse was recommended.  What happens after 30 days? If dieting just gets too hard, people think they can just exercise their brains out and all will be cured.

Why is is so ingrained in our society that dieting is the norm? I understand we in America have an obesity problem.  Why are we not taught moderation (another subject for another post)?

I have a five year old daughter, and I hate it when she is around adults (kid friendly parties and such) because the subject of peoples eating, dieting, and fat always comes up. I am trying to bring her up in a world that sets you up to fail at a healthy diet.  She is the most intuitive eater, has a perfectly healthy weight and relationship with food, and I am trying my hardest to preserve that.  

Just listen at a party, the supermarket, or in a restaraunt and you will hear what I mean.  At a schoolmate of my daughters birthday party, cake and pizza were being served. When offered a parent said “No, we don’t want fat. The holidays are coming and we are trying to take weight off too.  We are getting back to the gym.” Seriously where are peoples manners?  A polite “No thank you.” would be sufficient. Kids are hearing this! Do people not get that childhood eating disorders are on the rise?

I am in no way making fun of my friend for her pursuit of weight-loss.  I am just observing that diets don’t work. Intuitive eating tells you that, and I am seeing it in real life and this is one example I have seen recently.  

So wrapping it up, shakes and bars are done as I suspected, and can people please, please keep their diet and fat talk to themselves?