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I know it’s spring but it feels like summer here in Michigan.  We have had record-breaking temps lately.  Here is a refreshing treat that even my little one approves of.  I offered her a sip of my smoothie and she ended up downing the whole thing making head back to the blender.

I know there is tons of recipes for smoothies out there but I am really into this combination lately.  I don’t normally like to use supplements either.  I would rather get my greens from spinach or kale in a smoothie but I am out of both and I had this on hand.

I won this bottle from Gabby Reece’s website last year.  It is a great product in my opinion.  It tastes better than any other “greens” product I have tried.

Here is the recipe:

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 scoop Catie’s Organic Greens
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb protein powder (vanilla)

Give it a whirl in the blender and enjoy, unless a pre-schooler decides she wants it.

It was great after my elliptical workout.  I can’t say enough about using an elliptical machine.  It gives me a great cardio workout and keeps my IT band and runners knee feeling pretty good.  I’m not quite back to running yet.  I think I should be soon and when I do I am not training for anything for a while.  I just want to enjoy running again. 🙂

Have a great day!  Go on a  nice run for me too.  🙂

This morning after my workout (elliptical again), I decided to have another one of my green drinks.  I also had some fresh strawberries and raspberries that I needed to use up.  I made a puree and combined the two.  The result was so beautiful!

I had it with some oatmeal.

I love all the mottled colors on the chia seeds.

For lunch it was the left over salmon.  Lately I am into multi-grain bread as you have been seeing lately.  Toasted, with cream cheese, and topped with salmon is a delicious and quick lunch or snack!  Filling too.  🙂

For dinner I was feeling my Irish roots (that and I had some left-over mashed potatoes to use up). I made Boxty (Potato Pancakes).  They are so light!  You use egg white and whirl it all up.  So tasty!

They were topped off with a Apple-Cherry Sauce!

I finished the meal off with some Irish white cheddar and an apple.  It was a great Irishy meal!  I guess a warm up for next month.  🙂

My knee is feeling a bit better than last week but still not 100 percent.  I am excited for my circuit workout tomorrow in a Tabata style.  It’s a Gabby Reece one of course.  The one I have planned has lots of my favorite moves!

I’m not sure what else the day will bring.  Have a great night!

Good Monday morning!

Yesterday I made a very long post, and it had great pictures.  I hit publish and just like that, only my 1st picture and maybe a paragraph was there!  The first time this happened a while back,  it made me a little mad but I did it over again.  After three more times of this I decided I had enough for the day.  This even occurred when I hit save!  I am over it.  Here is my morning post.

Exercise today: I am going to do a Gabby Reece circuit.  It is a circuit day after all!  Todays circuit Polihale Circuit!  It has 13 exercises, 1 min each, and three rounds.

Breakfast:  My favorite smoothie!

  • 1 c unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 c frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Catie’s Organic Greens
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate protein whey powder
  • 1 TBS cocoa powder

It is so creamy, smooth and delicious!  I normally like to have this as more of a dessert at night but I want something lighter this morning and this will do it!

That’s all for now!

I hope you have a great morning!

Talk soon!

Happy Friday!

Yay!  We made it!

Last night I told you about my possible smoothie.  I made it and it was delicious!

So you can imagine my disappointment

when he came spilling out of the freezer!

I think I told you I always pour a glass and freeze it, then I work on what’s in the blender.  When I opened the freezer door the glass took a tumble!  I will have to keep that in mind whenever I use a wine glass!

Anyway, I also had three walnut stuffed dates, a tiny piece of zucchini bread, and a Jay Robb bar!

That’s the wrapper.  I just ripped it open and got to work on it without taking a picture first.  🙂

Speaking of getting to work, it’s time for a Friday Circuit with none other than a Gabby Reece one!

SB=Stability ball


3 rounds, 60 seconds per exercise
10-15 seconds rest in-between each exercise
1 minute rest in-between each round

1. Handstand (against the wall) or plank
2. KB Reaching and Touch Side Lunge
3. The L DB Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press
4. DB and SB Chest Press with a Sky Reach
5. KB or DB step BACK Lunge and Touch
6. SB dynamic upside down L (surfer pop up)
7. Side Plank Open and Close
8. Jumping Jax
9. Leg Kick Hand to Toe
10. DB Clean and Jerk (be dynamic)
11. DB Kickback Split Lunge (both legs at a 90 degree angle)
12. The Kelly Meyer Alternating Ballet Air Kicks
13. Spiderman

So that’s the workout plan for today!  As for breakfast,  I am not feeling hungry quite yet.  I think I will do the circuit and figure that out later!

Have a good morning!

Tonight I decided to utilize my leftovers from yesterdays lunch.  I made some pretty tasty tacos out of them!

I used the following: Corn tortillas, re-fried beans, brown rice, lean ground beef, romaine lettuce, homemade salsa, greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, and red onions!

I thoroughly enjoyed these!

Later tonight if I need one I plan on making a smoothie.  I want to try it the following way:

  • 1 c unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 C frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb protein powder (chocolate)
  • 1 TBS cocoa powder
  • 1 scoop Catie’s Organic Greens

I had always wanted to try Catie’s Organic Greens but they were pricy and if I hated them I did not want to have all that money invested in them and be stuck with a product.  I was so happy when I won them and got to try them out for free!

I am going to up the greens in my smoothie tonight and see how it goes for the taste of it.  The greens have so much going for them I want to try to utilize them fully.

If I end up making this, I will let you know how it turns out.

I hope you have a great night!

Catch you in the AM!

Last night I left off figuring out what to eat for dinner.  I had some walnut stuffed dates while I thought about it.

I called my husband to see what he was in the mood for.  Leftover pizza!  Why not? After all my shopping and food cleaning I would be happy to take the night off.

Then I had some popcorn.  It was so good!  I like to use my Misto sprayer with olive oil on air popped popcorn and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.  It’s a tasty lo cal snack!

That was my food night.

As for this morning, I woke up feeling not hungry.  I hate working out on empty, but if you are not hungry, you are not hungry.

I went for a walk with one dog and my daughter.  We went two miles then I dropped the dog off at home and went for a run!  It makes for a good warm-up this way.  I ran three miles today and a total of 5 miles done!  It felt good.  No pain only slight tightness in my hips today.

Now I was hungry, but warm oatmeal did not sound good.  I went for a smoothie!  I have missed not having one in a few days.  I went with my all time favorite one so far.  My Kale smoothie!

That was exactly what I needed to start my Saturday a run and a smoothie!

I hope you are having a great Saturday morning!

Good Evening!

Today turned out to be meatless, but it was not my intention.  I do enjoy those days when they happen.  I just subscribed to Vegetarian Times so maybe they will happen more often.  I don’t think I will ever go totally meatless.  I like to think of myself as a flexitarian.  🙂

This afternoon I went for a mile walk with the dogs and my daughter.  We stopped at home and dropped the dogs off and I got started on my run.  I ran for 25 minutes and then we stopped at a park for some eats and fun.  I had some trail mix and lot’s of water!

After we played for a while, we walked back home.  I probably went about 4.5 miles total today.  My knee feels pretty good, but it’s still not normal and my hips get super tight!  I just have to remember that I have come a long way!  For the past two years I could not run much at all so it’s progress.

I was craving this salad that I made a while back.  It’s a baby spinach, couscous, and bulgur platter!  When we got home I wanted it for lunch, but it ended up being super late for a lunch (2:00 pm!) and I forgot that I needed to chill the bulgur mix for a minimum of 2 hours!  So I worked on making it for dinner and ate this instead:

It was a fried egg, Muenster cheese, spinach and sprouted bread sandwich thrown into the toaster oven.  It was so good!  I also washed it down with one of these:

A new to me GT I have never had!  I loved it!  I found it at Whole Foods.  I am not a regular shopper there because the closest two stores are about 40-45 minutes away in opposite directions!  When I do go, I like to try new things.  This was one of my weekend finds.  🙂

So I finally got to eat the salad I was craving!

I know it does not look like much, I threw him together quickly because I was hungry and my husband was on his way home (we had to pick up the truck with it’s new tires), but it’s such a wonderful mix of flavors.  The bulgur, couscous, and chickpea mixture has cumin running through it!  The spinach has a yogurt red wine vinaigrette dressing so it’s tangy, and the sweet apple and oniony flavor just add to the mix!  I ate it with about four carrot sticks (my daughter was eating them and it looked good) and a tiny smear of PB.

I got hungry later and ended up making another great smoothie!  He was tropical!  Sort of.  It went like this:

  • 1 c coconut water
  • 2 cups de-stemmed, chopped kale
  • 1 heaping cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb whey protein in Pina Colada!  (I won this packet and surprisingly it was good!  I had my doubts, but it was good!)

I doubt that I will eat anything else tonight.  The smoothie mix I did made a ton (and I ate it all myself)!  I show one glass, but I am sure it would have filled two easy!  I always pour one, put it in the freezer and eat the rest out of the blender and then go back to the cup.  🙂

So that’s my eating day with this post and the previous one.  I had another good day.  I hope you did too!

Have a good night and I will talk to you soon!


After my dinner of a turkey BLT on sprouted bread, I had two brown rice cakes with PB and banana.

It kept me going for a while, but I needed my smoothie!  I did use my new almond milk.  I put together the following:

  • 2 c of kale
  • 1 c of almond milk (unsweetened)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 heaping cup of frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb protein powder (chocolate)

It made a huge serving!  It was very thick, creamy, sweet and fantastic!  That’s all for tonight.  I am closing the kitchen.  🙂



Good Morning 🙂

Today I got up and had a nice bowl of oatmeal!  It was rolled oats made with water (on the thin side) and topped with: Banana, chopped dates, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.  It hit the spot!

After I ate I was excited to get started on my run since it is a cardio day.  I loaded up my little girl in the jogger, grabbed the leashes for the dogs (only my little man, bear wanted to come again) and went on a 30 minute walking warm up.

We got back to the house and I let the dog in and got started on my run!  About three minutes in I felt a twinge of pain in my bad knee.  I shrugged it off.  I felt another, and another and I had to stop.

I walked back home very disappointed.  So today ended up being a 40 minute or so walk day.  It’s ok, just not what I wanted.  I came home and iced my knee and hip and made a smoothie.  There is no pain in the knee right now, just tightness in the hip.  I guess I need to take it easy again.

It was very good!  I mixed the following:

  • 2 cups of kale (de-stemmed and torn)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb protein powder (chocolate)

I blended the kale and water until it was as smooth as I could get it.  Then I added the rest.  It was very creamy, not overly sweet, and pleasantly green tasting.  I would make this one again!

I am trying not to be bummed out by my knee today, but it did dampen my spirits.  I know it’s silly to be upset about it, but still frustrating. 😦

Now I am off to run a few errands and try to hit the farmers market before it is closed!

Have a good afternoon

Talk soon.  🙂