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I love granola!  I love it with milk, on yogurt, straight out of the container, you get it.  I especially love granola that is crunchy with big clusters in it.

I have been on a hunt for a clumpy, crunchy granola recipe for quite some time.  Usually I get some recipes that do not clump at all, don’t have much flavor, or seem too oily.  I also like making my food when I can.  Especially stuff that normally comes in packages.  If I can replicate it, I am happy.

I have been working with one recipe for a long time that I felt had potential.  I tweaked it some more this last time I made it with some great results.

Look!  I made clumps!

They are fairly decent in size!

The trick to the clumps, I found in applesauce!

Here is what I did:

  • 4 C rolled oats
  • 1 C almonds smashed
  • 3 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 C natural applesauce
  • 1/2 C honey
  • 3/4 C brown sugar

Have a toddler mix all the ingredients in a very large bowl.   Dump it all out on a baking sheet and throw it in a 250 degree oven and stir it every 15 minutes.  It took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It’s trial and error.  I stopped about 15 minutes early to let it cool (put it on two to three sheets to cool it) and it was not as crunchy as I like, so back in the oven it went!  I was a bit heavy-handed with the apple sauce so that would make a difference too.

Now I have some for the pantry!

I have been loving to eat it out of a bowl with dried tart cherries!  I recently read that tart cherries are good for reducing inflammation.  I enjoy eating them so if they help with my knee then even better!  (I am ignoring the fact that they have sugar in them which I do know increases inflammation.  :))

My knee is still not feeling great.  It’s not as bad as it was just after I tried my marathon schedule for a few weeks.  I have been doing my Gabby Reece Tabata workouts three days a week and on the other three days I have normally been running.  Last week I did not even attempt to run on my scheduled days.  I just did stretching, icing, yoga etc.  I did run a bit this week and so far it went ok.  I could not go very far and I did more of a walk run.  One minute of walking to one minute of running for about 25 minutes or so.  I read that doing it that was is a good way to get back into it.  I have never tried it before so why not give it a go!

If you have ever had IT band issues and have had success with anything whether it’s stretches, exercises, supplements, or anything else you think helped (other than not running :)) I would love to know.

I think I may have found something that will help me.  I was doing hip drop exercises and my left hip (the bad one) was incredibly tight when doing this.  I never thought I had an issue with flexibility. In fact, one doctor told me I had great flexibility in my hips.  I guess I do for most exercises, but when I tried this one it was not easy to do.  This gives me hope.  If I work on this area in addition to the other stuff I am trying, it just might work!

That’s enough rambling for the night.  Let me know if you try making the granola and how it worked for you.  I am so proud of this batch!

Have a great night everyone!  I’ll talk to you soon.  🙂

Hi there!

This morning was beautiful!  Mid 50’s again but sunny and crisp!  I started the day out with some cereal.

Uncle Sam (original and strawberry mixed 50/50), frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and pecans.  I poured over a mix of unsweetened almond milk and skim milk. (50/50).

I know I have told you before but it all freezes and makes a soft serve like combination in your bowl.  You have to chop it up and it’s thick and wonderful!

I took everyone for a one mile walk.  I dropped the dogs off and took my daughter in the jogger for a three-mile run.  It was super slow, but I’ll take it. Not really any pain, just stiffness in my hips.

For lunch I had something similar to yesterday.  It was my chick pea mix on top of a bed of baby spinach leaves.

I also had the last of my giant Ginger Gold apples.  I need to find more before there are no more for the season.  Maybe that is part of the allure!

That’s it so far.  I’m not sure on dinner again.  My husband is working today so I am going to get cleaned up from the run and take my daughter to the park.

I am feeling very well about my eating lately.  This happens to me often.  Just when I think I have this intuitive eating thing down, something happens and I get off track.  I really think if I keep up being full on real food (then I don’t have room to go crazy on sweets), and exercising moderately (If I exercise a ton, it makes me want to eat a ton!) I will be ok.  I hope I just did not jinx myself.  🙂

Have a good rest of the day!


I started off the day with a bowl full of steel-cut oats.  They are growing on me!  I topped it with banana, walnuts, and some maple syrup!

My parents came over since I did not have a car due to my husbands being in the shop.  With them here I got to go for a run by myself!  I did four miles.  🙂

For lunch I was not all that hungry so I ate a huge apple and some cottage cheese.

Later I got hungry and decided to eat a sandwich (not pictured).  I made it quickly (sliced chicken, aged white cheddar, lettuce and tomato) and ate it quickly because my husbands truck was finished.  My dad took me over to get it.

For a snack later I had some dates.  Not walnut stuffed this time.  🙂

Dinner was awesome.  Sometimes you just need a burger and fries.  I made a lean ground beef burger with aged white cheddar, carmelized red onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

I can’t tell you how good it was.  Paired with my oven sweet potato fries (coconut oil, red sea salt, and fresh grated ginger-Gabby Reece recipe), it was the best!

That’s my eats for the night.  I don’t plan on eating any more today.  I like how I have been eating lately.  I have about four larger meals with a small snack or two if I need it instead of snacking through the day (wich is what was going on there for a while).

Have a great night!

This morning I had to get in another early start to exercise.  Being a Thursday, it is a cardio day for me.  I planned on getting out the door by myself since my husband is still on vacation.  I tried so hard to get out but my little dog pushed his way out the door and was not letting me leave under any circumstances!

So my little man and I went for a slow run/walk three-mile run.  It was probably for the best that he slowed me down since my knee hurt from volleyball last night.  We only had five people and coverage was thin.  I dove instinctively for the ball (thankfully wearing knee pads) and did not even consider my bad knee which is the one I went down on.  It’s not awful but sore today.

So my workout was nice but chilly!  Fourty degrees and windy.  Dressed in my shorts and a thin jacket I was cold!  I also have Reynaud’s so my fingers freeze if it is below 5o degrees.  I forgot my gloves too!  I came home and took a hot shower and ate a hot bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal Today:  Plain oats topped with banana chunks, chopped dates, pecans, millet and flax seeds.

Now I had to get ready for the unpleasant part.  My daughters three-year-old check-up.

She is super sensitive when it comes to going to the doctor (we are due to try the dentist soon and I am not going to think about that yet!).  We read books about it, play with her doctor kit, talk about check-ups and so on, but it never fails when it is time to go to the doctor it is a huge ordeal!  When we hit the parking lot she starts crying and it comes and goes in bursts untill we leave.

We finally finished up at the doctors (She is a healthy girl! I am so happy my husband was home to go with me.  I did plan it that way.  :)) and went for lunch.  I did not plan on eating out so I did not have my camera.  We were all hungry after the appointment since we had to wait 40+ minutes to get in to see the doctor.  All that waiting just adds to her anxiety.  So off to the coney that we like we went.

I had a salmon burger with some sweet potato fries.  I love that they do not salt the fries.  I am not a salty person.  I don’t have a picture of the burger but here are the left over fries that came home with me.

They are great re-heated in the convection/toaster oven!

That’s my eats so far.  I am looking for my mediterainan meal tonight!

I hope you have a great day!

Happy Friday!

My Friday morning was off to a rough start.  My coffee maker decided it was going into early retirement.  I have only had it about six months.  I had to call the company that makes them, and they are sending me my third one!  I am happy the company is so easy to work with, but I just want something that makes me coffee for more than a few months at a time.  So I was not able to make coffee. 

I decided to eat breakfast.  It was oatmeal (the last of my berries!),  I got to make it ok, but eat it without interrruption, not possible.  When you are a mom nothing is about you and I know this.  No matter how much I pre-plan, during a meal she will always stop me for something mid bite.  🙂


After eating, my daughter and I headed down stairs to get my circuit workout done.  I am still feeling very fatigued. I have been eating well for the past few days, so I am just going to chalk it up to my current medication.  I just need to suck it up and do the best I can until I see the doctor about it.    

During my circuit (I am not new to them either) I can only do about 2/3 of the reps that I normally can do in a minute.  I just don’t have it in me.  I struggled through two  of the three rounds and decided it was just not a circuit day for me.  I got on the treadmill for a nice walk, and my daughter wanted lunch.  When you are hungry, you are hungry, so I got off even though I barely got on. 

We ate lunch. 

It was another salad for me today.  It was with pear this time instead of apple.    It’s the last of that kind of salad stuff. 

I also had some brown and wild rice pilaf from last night’s dinner.  It is one of the better ones that I have made.  I’ll have to remember what I did.

I really wanted to accomplish some sort of workout today so we took the dogs for a walk on our normal 2 mile route.  My bigger dog dug her heels in and was done after about 5 minutes.  Can I accomplish anything today?

We took the dogs back home.  With my daughter still in the jogger I went for a run.  I can always tell about 3 minutes into my run how it will go.  If I don’t feel pain in that amount of time I am usually ok.  No pain!  I ran three miles!  I got to finish a workout today! Yay!

I came home and took a shower.  When I got out, my little one had snuggled up in bed and took a nap on her own.  My Friday is getting better! 

I had a Greek yogurt with honey and got started on my first post for today. 

My husband is on vacation starting Saturday and we are going to take a little trip.  He has been working like mad these days.  Employers think you should just be happy you have a job.  You would like a day off too?  I am excited.  I think we all need a change of pace.  It will be good to get away for awhile.  My daughter is excited to go on vacation too.

So I am going to get off the computer and get some stuff done before she wakes up.  It looks like the rest of my day is going to be a good one.

I hope yours is too!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.  🙂



I hope your Thursday morning went well. My morning was a bit early! It started with Greek yogurt at 3 AM!

I went to bed last night thinking that I might be a touch hungry. I did not feel “hungry” just  an “empty” feeling maybe? This intuitive eating is not all that intuitive sometimes for me. I just went to bed anyway and I fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke up 2 AM with actual “hunger” this time. I hate when I do that! It’s going to be one of those challenging food days.  I don’t want to overdo things like Monday.

Nothing sounded good that early in the morning. I laid there and could not go back to sleep so I decided to eat some yogurt with honey on it. That seemed to do the trick!  I slept until 7:00 AM.

After a while I got hungry for breakfast and oatmeal was my go to.

I ran on the treadmill (rain!).  I ran three miles and I had something going on in my right calf of all things.  They never give me problems!  Then my bad knee felt vulnerable.  I decided it was time to walk.  I walked the last mile and then stretched and iced.  Time for lunch!

I had my favorite salad and a mashed sweet potato this time.  Sorry it may be boring to see it again, but it’s good and easy to put together!  I only have enough chicken left for maybe one more go at it.  🙂

It has some dried blueberries this time too!

That is the last of my cooked sweet potatoes!  You probably won’t see them tomorrow, uless I decide to make fries out of some.  🙂

After a while little things started to irritate me.  I grabbed the last of my almonds from yesterday and began to nibble.  This is a hard one.  Is my blood sugar low so I am easily irritated and I need food, or am I just angry and I am about to emotionally eat?

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, and like I said intuitive eating is sometimes so challenging for me, and other times I think I have it down completely.  I went with the first one and decided I needed to eat something in order to prevent me from nibbling on everything in sight.

I had something I have never had before.  It is a hot 10 grain multi-cereal.  I sprinkled on some flax seeds, chia seeds, millet, and drizzled on some grade B maple syrup.

I loved this!  It was filling and my mood improved, and it also reminds me of a spiral galaxy.  🙂   I am trying to eat more meals instead of snacking.  Let’s hope I can keep this up!

Have a great afternoon and I will talk to you soon!


This afternoon I left off with a snack.  Not too long after that I had another snack.  It was just some veggies.  I was cleaning and cutting a big supply so they are on hand for everyone to eat.  We go through them like crazy!

That did not hold me over for too long and I had dinner shortly after.  I had a big bowl of yum!  It was left overs from last night.  It consisted of mashed potatoes, beef with gravy and corn.

I think I enjoyed it even more today!

It finally was getting towards evening and the weather still had not cooled down.  Maybe 2 degrees by my account.  Despite our local channels “extreme heat warning” I went for my run.  I drink tons of water anyway so I felt safe in doing so.

I headed towards my normal route as of late.  I have been feeling off this week.  Just weak and struggling through my workouts for some reason (maybe the new medication?).  Today was no exception.  I had heavy legs and felt very slow.  After about a half of a mile I was feeling pretty good.  Instead of going the normal route I veered off to the left and decided to go in a direction that I have not gone in about three years.

This was the route that first gave me my ITBS and three years of problems with it.  It is about 6 miles from my house in a big loop.  I have not gone that way because I have not been able to run that far without pain in a long time.  The last two weeks I have gone between 5-6 miles so I guess I wanted to see if I could do it.  I sure can!  I ran and got a little worried near the spot where it first gave me trouble right in front of the airport.  I ran past that area and I felt great!

When I got home I stretched and iced and still felt no pain.  I think I am going to be ok.  🙂  I am so excited that I am back running again!  My husband tells me I should not push it and he’s right.  I have a tendency to go overboard.  For the up coming week I want to step it back a bit and maybe just run 3-4 miles at a clip.

This past week I did 6 miles Tue and biked (stationary workout) Thur for my cardio and then again ran 6 today.  For my new subscribers, I like to do three days of cardio (T, Th, Sat) and three days of circuits (M, W, F) with Sunday as a rest day.  I am looking forward to that tomorrow!

So that is my eats for the day.  I don’t plan on eating anything else unless I feel hungry.  In that case there are some fresh berries calling to me from the fridge.  They look good but I just don’t feel like I have room yet.  🙂

I hope you all have a great night!

Talk to you later.  🙂