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Every year on St. Patrick’s day I make my Irish Soda Bread.  This year it has been so incredibly warm here in Michigan that I just couldn’t justify turning on the oven.  So this year my homemade Irish treat is frozen yogurt!  I am sure there is nothing Irish about this dessert (except maybe that I am making it :)?)

I have been craving it and since I have not made it in a long time I decided it was time to do it.  My daughter loved dumping in all the ingredients in the food processor and watching it whirl around.  I think her favorite part of it all (other than tasting the pre-frozen product) was seeing it begin to set up in the ice cream maker.  I have a Kitchen Aid freezer bowl attachment that I use to make ice cream like treats in.  If you don’t have one no worries, just put it in a cake pan (9″x13″) in the freezer and scrape it occasionally until it is semi-firm in the center and set on the edges.

My little girl did most of the work.  Here is another simple, simple recipe (Like my date treats are).  I was inspired by a Gabby Reece post she had about 2 years ago for this recipe and I change-up the fruit to whatever I have on hand.  Here is what I did this time:

  • 3 cups of fresh blackberries
  • 2 cups of low-fat plain yogurt
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

Like I said above, place it all into the food processor whirl it, put it into your ice cream maker and put it into the freezer until soft in the middle and set on the edges.  Put it into something green and you get an Irish treat to impress your friends and family.  🙂

I enjoy it drizzled with honey or chocolate sauce.  Enjoy it however you like!

Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s day!

Talk to you soon!

This morning I had to get in another early start to exercise.  Being a Thursday, it is a cardio day for me.  I planned on getting out the door by myself since my husband is still on vacation.  I tried so hard to get out but my little dog pushed his way out the door and was not letting me leave under any circumstances!

So my little man and I went for a slow run/walk three-mile run.  It was probably for the best that he slowed me down since my knee hurt from volleyball last night.  We only had five people and coverage was thin.  I dove instinctively for the ball (thankfully wearing knee pads) and did not even consider my bad knee which is the one I went down on.  It’s not awful but sore today.

So my workout was nice but chilly!  Fourty degrees and windy.  Dressed in my shorts and a thin jacket I was cold!  I also have Reynaud’s so my fingers freeze if it is below 5o degrees.  I forgot my gloves too!  I came home and took a hot shower and ate a hot bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal Today:  Plain oats topped with banana chunks, chopped dates, pecans, millet and flax seeds.

Now I had to get ready for the unpleasant part.  My daughters three-year-old check-up.

She is super sensitive when it comes to going to the doctor (we are due to try the dentist soon and I am not going to think about that yet!).  We read books about it, play with her doctor kit, talk about check-ups and so on, but it never fails when it is time to go to the doctor it is a huge ordeal!  When we hit the parking lot she starts crying and it comes and goes in bursts untill we leave.

We finally finished up at the doctors (She is a healthy girl! I am so happy my husband was home to go with me.  I did plan it that way.  :)) and went for lunch.  I did not plan on eating out so I did not have my camera.  We were all hungry after the appointment since we had to wait 40+ minutes to get in to see the doctor.  All that waiting just adds to her anxiety.  So off to the coney that we like we went.

I had a salmon burger with some sweet potato fries.  I love that they do not salt the fries.  I am not a salty person.  I don’t have a picture of the burger but here are the left over fries that came home with me.

They are great re-heated in the convection/toaster oven!

That’s my eats so far.  I am looking for my mediterainan meal tonight!

I hope you have a great day!

This morning was off to an early start.  It was the first day of my daughters new dance season.  This is her first year of ballet.  She is three and loves dancing!  I don’t know where she get’s it from because I am a sports person.  I wanted nothing to do with pink let alone dance and she seems to revel in it.  🙂

So far she seems to be artsy.  The things she comes up with astounds me sometimes.  We walked out of the mall on a very hot and muggy day.   It was super humid and near 100 degrees.  As soon as we stepped out of the shade into the sun she said “The sun.  The sun cuts me and eats me.”  What kind of two and a half (at the time) says stuff like that?  I guess mine.

Anyway,  I had to get moving early.  I did my Gabby Reece Group Circuit Workout 15.  It was a good one as usual.  I was also happy that I did the workout and was back up to my normal number of reps per minute.  I am not sure what my deal was (maybe my Monday’s eating) last week but I felt completely awful and weak.  I think I am almost back to normal again.

I showered and got some breakfast.  I hate working out on an empty stomach but I take thyroid medication which prevents me from eating for an hour afterward, so with my time constraints I did what I had to do.  My breakfast today:

Uncle Sam (half original/half strawberry) cereal topped with frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and 50/50 mixture of unsweetened almond milk and skim milk.

I love this combination.  It freezes up and you have to chop it up with your spoon and it softens and makes like a soft serve ice cream with granola in it.  So good!  You will probably see this quite a bit lately.  It’s my new thing.

After breakfast I threw out my checklists.

Ok threw out is an exaggeration it was more like fold in half and put it to the back of the cupboard.  I am not using it anymore.  I am working on intuitive eating to the fullest of my ability now.  Lunch tested me.

For lunch I wanted a few things.  A salad, cottage cheese, and a PB & J sandwich.  I immediately thought “I can’t!  It’s too much!”  Then I had to think how stupid it sounded and told myself that I did not have to eat giant portions of each.  I made the salad and wanted cheese on it.  Then I thought “If I have cheese on the salad then I can’t have the cottage cheese!”  Silliness again!  Have both!  So I did.  Here is what I came up with:

Salad-spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, pear slices, aged cheddar cheese, red onion, and dried cranberries!  So good!

I decided to plop  a bit of cottage cheese on the side.

I also made half of a PB & J on sprouted bread.

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed eating what I wanted.  I am full and happy.  🙂

Today is not only the first day of dance for my daughter but my first day back at volleyball for the season.  I have been playing on this team for maybe 17 years now!  Is that possible?  I was 18 or 19 when I started.  Wow!  I guess so, since I started the team after my college career ended.  I am excited for that.  We play my cousins team tonight so we better win.  🙂

I hope you had a good morning and a good day too!

Talk soon!

For a snack today I had some veggies.  I also had a tablespoon of peanut butter on my plate in a measuring spoon, but when I went to get the camera and it was missing.

Guess who got it?  My little girl.  She also had one of my carrots and was happily dipping into it.  So the PB is not pictured, but I got more and she helped herself to some more of my veggies.  I am happy, I have a kid who loves veggies, especially if they have peanut butter on them.  🙂

I felt like I needed some carbs so I finished off the last of my Puffins Original.  It was good as usual.  I like the peanut butter better, but that is no surprise.  I like to eat it on occasion, dry as a snack.

My daughter and I played with some of her toys for quite a while and I decided it was time to make my homemade salsa!  I wanted it to chill a bit before I used it on my dinner.

I save my old almond butter jars to put it in.  So if it looks like a MaraNatha jar, it is!  I also snacked on some dried blueberries and unsalted peanuts.  Oh, dried blueberries how I missed you!  I got some at the store yesterday.  I was out for about a week.  😦

I made my dinner of sprouted tortillas (remember my sprouted bread for lunch?!)  shredded chicken, cheddar, and Monterey jack cheese.  It was the perfect quesadilla!

I topped it off with my homemade salsa and greek yogurt!  It was what I was craving!

The greek yogurt really made it!

So that’s my eats for today.  I am done for the night!

I hope you had a great day and a good evening too!

Talk soon!

Good Afternoon!

I got my run out-of-the-way this morning and had a small breakfast smoothie. It was no surprise that lunch came early.  I guess I was still feeling like breakfast.  I had a fried egg sandwich!  It was so good!  Egg, Muenster, spinach all on sprouted bread and toasted in my toaster oven!  It does not get much better!

I had it with an iced coffee!

Then my three-year old wanted one too! So I made her one.

Don’t worry, it is only prune juice!  She was thrilled to death with it!  We sat together drinking our “iced coffees” and had toddler conversations.  It was really fun!

I hope you are having a great afternoon!