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Today I ran 4 miles and got cleaned up to go to a park.  We went to an environmental discovery center.  They have an under water dome inside a pond!  You can observe pond life with a “fish’s eye view”!

You walk down a hallway that opens up into a large dome.

Here I am in the dome.  You can see some fish behind me.

Here is the view from the dome back out to the entrance.

It’s really cool, and my daughter loves it there!  Once in a while people clean the outside of the tank.  We saw more fish today than ever before!  It was a good day to go, they had decent visibility.

I went to library for some food inspiration and found Mark Bittmans new book.  I love the looks and ideas of his books.  Sometimes I think the recipes are just so so but it gives you a good starting point.  I like to make recipes as they are and then tweak it the next time.

I like his ideas on eating.  He has a good idea on what he calls sane eating.  It basically comes down to this:

  1. Eat fewer animal products than average.
  2. Eat all the plants you can manage.
  3. Make legumes and whole grains part of your life.
  4. Avoid processed foods.
  5. Everything else is a treat-and you can have treats daily.

Sane eating to him is about moderation, not deprivation.  You know that I am working on intuitive eating and this fits right in.

You may have noticed I have not been posting my eats for the entire day.  I am sorry if this is something you enjoyed about my blog.  When I post that way it makes my day feel like it revolves around food and food is the center of everything.  I am still eating healthy and good food is important, but I want to focus on other things in my life and have food just be food and not the focus, if all that makes sense.  I still want to share some dishes I have tried, snacks that may be new, or places I have gone.  I hope you stick with me.  It’s just what I need to do right now.  With that being said on to some new Bittman recipes!

Dinner was a whole wheat pasta with spinach, tossed with butter, oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese!  I loved this dish!  I will make this again!  No disappointment and no tweaking either!  Simple and delicious!

There goes the last of my “Managers Special” spinach.  I am sorry to see it go!

I had a bunch of bananas to use up to and I made another Bittman dessert called:  Tropical Oatstacks.

The description is a cookie that falls between banana bread and macaroons.  I would say that is spot on.  There is no added sugar only:  butter, three mashed bananas, vanilla extract, oats, cashews, unsweetened coconut, baking powder, and salt! I loved the idea of that!  They are pretty good but are not very sweet wich has its place too.  They came out better than I expected.  It’s a fun healthy treat.

That’s it for the night.

Have a good one!


Hi there!

This morning was beautiful!  Mid 50’s again but sunny and crisp!  I started the day out with some cereal.

Uncle Sam (original and strawberry mixed 50/50), frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and pecans.  I poured over a mix of unsweetened almond milk and skim milk. (50/50).

I know I have told you before but it all freezes and makes a soft serve like combination in your bowl.  You have to chop it up and it’s thick and wonderful!

I took everyone for a one mile walk.  I dropped the dogs off and took my daughter in the jogger for a three-mile run.  It was super slow, but I’ll take it. Not really any pain, just stiffness in my hips.

For lunch I had something similar to yesterday.  It was my chick pea mix on top of a bed of baby spinach leaves.

I also had the last of my giant Ginger Gold apples.  I need to find more before there are no more for the season.  Maybe that is part of the allure!

That’s it so far.  I’m not sure on dinner again.  My husband is working today so I am going to get cleaned up from the run and take my daughter to the park.

I am feeling very well about my eating lately.  This happens to me often.  Just when I think I have this intuitive eating thing down, something happens and I get off track.  I really think if I keep up being full on real food (then I don’t have room to go crazy on sweets), and exercising moderately (If I exercise a ton, it makes me want to eat a ton!) I will be ok.  I hope I just did not jinx myself.  🙂

Have a good rest of the day!


Happy Fall!  It is officially here!  The weather here sure did cooperate too.  Mid to upper 50’s and drizzle.  I still love it!  One of those sleepy days apparently because my daughter and I both woke up pretty late today.

I started the day off with the last of my prepared steel-cut oats.  I kept it simple and topped it off with banana, strawberries, and pecans.  You can never go wrong with that combo!

I did my circuit workout.  I made my own up today.  They were full of Gabby Reece moves.  I did 12 exercises at 1 minute each for three rounds.  I am still feeling very weak.  I’ll give the new medication one more month to kick in and then I am done with it!

Lunch was light.  I had a giant apple sliced up and a salad that I have not made in a while.

It’s super simple (not very fall like) but light, and deliciously clean tasting!  I made it up one day and I do love it.  My husband will even eat it!

Into a medium mixing bowl:

  • 1 can of Garbanzo beans rinsed and drained
  • 1 bell pepper diced
  • Onion (1/4 cup or to taste) diced (I like red and green, whatever you have works)
  • 1 can of drained (water) chunk light tuna
  • Half of a lemon juiced
  • 1 TBS olive oil

Mix all together and enjoy!  It’s great by itself or served on a bed of mixed greens.  A mix of spinach and iceberg gives it a great crunch and good color, not to mention all the other health benefits.

For my snack today I had some greek yogurt with honey, unsalted peanuts, dried blueberries, and dried cranberries.


Dinner was out tonight!  We met my husband at the mall near his work.  We went to a coney there.  I had an awesome dinner!  Maybe I was just super hungry, but the meal hit the spot!  I loved it!  I had a baby greek salad with grilled chicken on top, a bowl of lemon rice soup, and warm pita bread!

I don’t have a picture which is a shame.  I did not plan on going out to dinner since my daughter and I got to the mall at 3:00 pm!  We were there until 7:00 pm!  We had a good time!  It was a good way to spend a drizzly fall day and evening!

I hope you had a great fall day and evening too!

Talk soon!


Today being my cardio day, I really wanted to go for a run.  I got on the treadmill and 3/4 of a mile later I felt my IT band.  It was below the knee on the side where it attaches to the lower leg.  This is how it all started!  I am glad it was not giving my knee any troubles though.

I stopped and got on the stationary bike.  I did a 45 min training program.  This did not bother it one bit!  When I got done my leg felt great!

For breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes topped with apple sauce, banana, and pecans!

Lunch:  A giant sandwich with wild and brown rice chips!

Snack:  Unsalted peanuts in the shell and some dates!  Yum!  Probably too may of each.  I stopped!  🙂

Dinner:  Feeling uninspired again.  I’ll have to think about it. 🙂

Time to take the dogs in for their “check up”!

Talk soon!

Well I figured out what to make for dinner.  After nothing sounding good, I saw that Andy over at  named me as one of is 15 favorite bloggers on WordPress.  He said such nice things about my blog, one being about my posts having incredible color.  With that being said, I scrounged around for some color in the kitchen.  I did the best I could with what was on hand in a stir-fry!  Dinner crisis no more!

My favorite sauce that I make uses Mirin.  I like the Eden brand.  It does not have any added sugar to it.  Here is what I use:

  • 1/4 C Mirin
  • 3 TBS Low-sodium soy
  • 2 TBS water
  • 1 TBS fish sauce
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp grated fresh ginger
  • 2 cloves finely grated garlic
  • Crushed red pepper to taste.  (I like a ton, start out slow.  🙂 )

I mix it all in a glass measuring cup with a small whisk.  Add it to your favorite stir-fry.   I have yet to find a mix of veggies this does not work on!

I ate a small bowl of this stir-fry with white rice (and then I had another 🙂 I am working on filling up with food.  One small bowl did not cut it).  I normally make brown rice, but being on vacation last week, and not having the option of brown made me remember how great white rice really is!  If that is the “worst” thing that I eat today, I think I am still doing pretty well.  🙂

That’s the rest of my eats for the day.  I don’t plan on eating anything else, but who knows…I may get hungry again.  🙂

I have volleyball soon, I hope we pull out a win tonight.  Last week we took 2 of 5 matches and they were all very close!  All the teams in this league are pretty evenly matched.  We went into playoffs last year tied for first.  We ended up loosing in the end.  The prize is only a t-shirt.  I want my t-shirt this year.  🙂

Have a good night!

Talk soon!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day.  My start was early.  My daughter and I woke up about the same time this morning (too early).  It was good since we have dance on Wednesdays and I like to get my workout in before we go.  It was a Gabby Reece Circuit of course.

I showered and got ready before I ate breakfast.  It was my steel-cut oats again.  I am so glad that I made a large batch on monday.  It will give me four days of oatmeal without having to cook it.  This morning it was a lifesaver since I had to be somewhere this morning.

I topped it with banana, PB, honey, and peanuts!  I don’t know why honey, it just sounded good today.  I can’t say I have ever used honey before.  With the PB and banana it was fun!

After dance it was lunch time.  My giant sandwiches are back.

I also had a giant apple cut up into slices to go with it.

A few hours later I think I was hungry, maybe bored, I couldn’t tell.  I ate some dates (6 not pictured)and decided I better get some protein in me and ate greek yogurt with honey (also not pictured).  I think a change of scenery was needed.

I took my daughter and dogs for a walk before I decided to eat something else.  My big dog dug her heels in, so we went home.  It was about a mile total.  Normally I would drop the dogs off and take my daughter to the park, but she fell asleep in the jogger so I put her down for a nap and here I am.

I am not sure what I want for dinner.  I hate when this happens.  Nothing sounds good, I have nothing pulled out of the freezer to make, or plans to make anything.  I’ll get hungry and be caught without a plan!  Then I usually graze my way thorough everything trying to figure out what I want.  I won’t do it, but that’s usually how it goes.

I have volleyball later tonight, so I am going to drink one of these (my favorite kind!):

Catch up on some things and figure out what to make.

Any dinner suggestions?  🙂


I started off the day with a bowl full of steel-cut oats.  They are growing on me!  I topped it with banana, walnuts, and some maple syrup!

My parents came over since I did not have a car due to my husbands being in the shop.  With them here I got to go for a run by myself!  I did four miles.  🙂

For lunch I was not all that hungry so I ate a huge apple and some cottage cheese.

Later I got hungry and decided to eat a sandwich (not pictured).  I made it quickly (sliced chicken, aged white cheddar, lettuce and tomato) and ate it quickly because my husbands truck was finished.  My dad took me over to get it.

For a snack later I had some dates.  Not walnut stuffed this time.  🙂

Dinner was awesome.  Sometimes you just need a burger and fries.  I made a lean ground beef burger with aged white cheddar, carmelized red onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

I can’t tell you how good it was.  Paired with my oven sweet potato fries (coconut oil, red sea salt, and fresh grated ginger-Gabby Reece recipe), it was the best!

That’s my eats for the night.  I don’t plan on eating any more today.  I like how I have been eating lately.  I have about four larger meals with a small snack or two if I need it instead of snacking through the day (wich is what was going on there for a while).

Have a great night!