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Yesterday at volleyball someone on the opposing team missed a pass and blamed it on being 38. She said when she got to 40 it would be all over.  One of the women on my team happens to be 50, so as you can imagine remarks began coming in from all over the place all in good fun.  The 38 year old said that she really thought it was great that we were all out there still playing, and hoped we all would still be out there together when we are old and gray. This got me thinking even more since it was a subject that already has been on my mind.  What’s my end game?

When you think about your ultimate goal it changes your perspective.  I have been playing on this particular volleyball league for 18 years already! I started it after my college career ended and have been playing ever since. I want to be one of those old, gray haired ladies out on the court!

In physical therapy (almost a year ago) I saw tons of people  that had lost mobility in some way or another.  Some were the result of accidents or other issues,  but most of them just could not function the way they wanted to.  I saw two main things:  loss of strength and flexibility.  Sure this is common knowledge, health “officials”  tell you that this will happen so you need to do X,Y, and Z in order to combat ageing, but I saw it in a very real situation.  I can also see it in my parents. When you see people struggling to do every day tasks it brings home the message.

Prior to this volleyball game it was something I had been thinking about for a while; I might need to change up my training.  Extreme workouts are not for me anymore.  I saw very small, isolated movements that produced strength enough to change function. If I want to be on the court or running a race when I am much, much older I need to train for that.  Exercise for me was mostly about calorie burning in the past.  Now I try to think of it in terms of sustainability.

I am not lying down. I still run, do organized sports, yoga, and strength train, but I do them in a way to help my body with strength and endurance and not wear it out.  In my 20’s I never stretched. Now I devote part of my workout time for it.  It is so, so important.  Things change as you get older.  I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self, but she probably would not have listened anyway.

So what’s your end game?


What is healthy living?

To me its a balance of everything.

People I have admired have a fantastic physique but is achieving it by working out 2-5 hours a day, six days a week healthy?

If they are a retired athlete and they still keep it all up is that still healthy?

I ask because I wonder how much is too much.  If I worked out 2-5 hours a day for six days a week my family would think I had a problem, but if a retired athlete does it its ok?

I have had problems with my IT band for a very long time (four years and counting).  I did see someone about it two years ago without any results. I am seeing a new physical therapist (I wish I had done this years ago!).  He has determined that yes I do have a tight IT band, but it’s not from overuse like I thought.

It’s due to a weak glute on my left side which causes the IT band to do all the work.  My leg on that side does not fully extend either so its like I am walking in a squat position on the left side eternally.  Things would get sore! It’s also creating patellar tracking issues.  When I walk I look completely normal! It’s just slight enough to cause problems.  He said I have probably had this for a very long time and pregnancy just brought it out (extra weight, carrying a baby and toddler on that side etc.)

With strengthening and stretching it should get back to normal.  He thinks there is no reason why I should not be able to run once everything is worked out.

So it all makes me wonder.  I have been very limited with what I have been able to do for exercise for the last year.  I thought my issues were due to over use. It’s not.  When I am all healed I still want to have balance.  I have worked very hard to get to where I am with intuitive eating. Is running a marathon ok? Do people who run marathons abuse exercise?

I just think its funny how a ton of exercise for some people (famous fitness gurus) makes them seem noble, and for others  (the rest of us) they are seen as disordered.

Where do you draw the line?

I decided to try the Vitamix for part of my dinner last night.  A Mandarin orange salad sounded good and I had a recipe for an orange vinaigrette in the book that came with the new mixer.  

This thing cracks me up.  I have made similar  vinaigrette’s in the past and used orange juice in the recipe.  Nope, just peel the orange and put them in!  In with the green onions too!  Don’t bother dicing either.  🙂

Bird’s eye view of dressing in the making:


The finished product:


Very good!  Just the right amount of sweet and kick!

For those of you that have been folowing my intuitive eating, it’s still going well.  Very well!  I would say I am doing the best I have been yet.  

This is where it will get tricky.  I start feeling well when I am eating well, my weight drops (partially thyroid related, it’s been low for 10+ months) and I like what is going on and start to get more strict with my eating because I see results.  I am really trying to combat this.  

So eating wise, I am  trying not to change a thing.  I want to keep up with having “fun foods” throught the day.  It’s just little things like having a granola bar, fun items on a salad (chow mein noodles, goldfish crackers, etc.), other treats, and so on.  I am eating healthy, but it does not have to be all Kale and brown rice.  

Intuitive eating works!

Eating mostly healthy requires work!  I spend a considerable amount of time, planning, chopping,preparing, cleaning, and so on.  One small meal in my tiny kitchen makes it go from clean,


to completely trashed! (Excuse the half and half, stainless steel and white in the kitchen, we are in a transition period.  :)) 


It’s worth the effort.  I think I would keep it up even if I worked.  I have the time now, but when I worked before we ate allot of pizza.  🙂

For my exercise I am still doing the PT exercises 2-3 times a week and strength training MWF.  I do cardio T TH S (walking lately) and take Sunday off.  

I am on week 6 of my rehab plan and it seems to be working.  I am not completely pain free but it is soooo much better than it was at week 1!  I think I may have to continue this to week 8 and go from there to see if I can start running again.  If I do go back to running.  I may not for a couple of reasons.

I know of two people recently that were big runners and trained for marathons that have injuries similar to mine. They are younger than me and they are now in there thirties and all the running is catching up with them.  One of them might need pins put in!  Yikes!  If I do go back to running it will be small amounts.  

So I don’t want anymore injuries and exercising normaI amount’s, I think has helped my eating.  Not burning a ton of calories keeps my hunger more manageable.  I can eat normal amounts of food and feel full (I think if I stepped it up again, I would be able to adjust.  I have really learned my hunger and fullness cues lately).  I am still exercising to be healthy, but not to the extreme.  In my 20’s I was a machine ( which my dad always told me I was not, smart dad!).  You don’t think it will happen to you, but it did (running injuries) to my friends too.

I know lot’s of people can run insane numbers of miles and are still ok.  This is just what I think will work for myself.

Have a great day!