Tonight I had a dinner that I can say I have honestly never had before.

Breakfast was simple scrambled eggs (sans teflon) and toast (with Michigan tart cherry jam!).  For lunch I had a giant salad made up of mixed greens, pecan crusted chicken, all with a raspberry vinaigrette!  It was fantastic and I wished I had my camera.  Oh, and a freshly baked breadstick too!

For dinner I was not all that hungry but I needed some little snack.  Fruit and cheese (my white Irish Cheddar) sounded good.  I threw in some wheat crackers for good measure and decided why not a glass of wine too!

I probably drink about 1-2 times a year (if even that!).  Today for some reason it sounded good.

Out and about this afternoon,  I crossed some wine that sparked my interest. It is a Cherry wine that is made from 100% Northern Michigan tart cherries.  Since I am on my tart cherry kick, it was the perfect one to bring home!

I really enjoyed it!  To finish of my “meal” (if you can call it that) I had a bit of dark chocolate.  I love Green & Blacks 70%.  It is my favorite.  🙂

That was my silly eats for the day!

I hope you have a good night and had a good weekend  too!

Talk soon 🙂