It’s been close to two years since I have started my Intuitive Eating venture. Funny, that I say I started it, when IE is something that you are innately born with. From years of dieting the signals get suppressed. I can hear them now. They guide me.  

I have had ups and downs. The downs are caused when I don’t listen to my signals.  Go with your instincts. It will not lead you to a one-way path of junk food. Honestly, I crave veggies, fruit, and whole grains too. 

Have you ever wanted a certain food item, but because of self imposed food rules (from all sorts of influences) you decide that the food you want is not virtuous so you avoid it? You suppress it, try to eat other things and they don’t satisfy. When you do give in to the forbidden food…bad things happen.  Overindulgence, binge even. You think I can’t be trusted around this food. See here is proof!

Save yourself from all of that and just eat the cookie (or PB, or whatever it is you crave).