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Hello everyone! I don’t know if you are still with me. It’s been a while since my last post. I have many reasons for it. The biggest one being energy. If you remember I had been feeling very weak. Well, it turns out my thyroid dropped drastically from July to November. I have a new dose of thyroid medication and am feeling like blogging again. My thyroid has not been that low in 10 years and that was when I was first diagnosed!

I am still working on intuitive eating. “It’s a process, not a perfect.” as someone reminded me. I also went through a phase where I just did not want to blog about food, or read blogs about food. It seemed to influence what I ate, how I ate, or thought I should eat. This brings me to my third reason for not food blogging in a while.

I started to feel bad about posting so-called “healthy” dishes. What exactly is healthy? It varies from person to person.  It depends on their economic status, heritage/culture, dietary restrictions and probably other situations/issues I am not thinking of. Who am I to say “eat brown rice” (not that I ever did, our would it just might be implied when it shows up on my plate in a blog.)when someone might have grown up with white rice and its part of their family something they enjoy and have eaten moderately. I know I was probably over thinking things and this might not be the greatest example (and I know I don’t have that much clout :)), but that is part of why I stopped blogging. Another part is a three-year-old that never naps. 🙂

I have kept up my running/fitness regimen and am happy to say my mileage has gone up once again! I am also enjoying Tabata training. This I have learned from Gabby Reece’s website. I still love following her workouts. This type of training switches up the normal circuit. I love the change!

So I do have one thing to share that I have been enjoying for lunch these days.  I love avocado and I am the only one that will eat it in my family.  I decided to use it for lunch since everyone eats what they want separate from everyone else anyway.  It’s very simple, cheap, meatless, and I cringe here when I say “healthy”.  It is to me anyway.  🙂

  • ¼ of an avocado mashed
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Diced red onion (I like a ton)
  • Boiled egg diced

Fold it all together and scoop and eat it with a mini wheat bagel (or whatever you like)!  It gives me a chance to eat avocado without grossing my whole family out by adding it to a family meal, except for maybe when they see it.  🙂

Any goals for the new year?


Today I did not do my circuit workout as normal, but I did get my exercise in.  It has been the most fun with a workout that I have done in a very long time and it involves sand, lots and lots of sand!

On our vacation, we made our way further up the coast this morning, traveling to the Silver Lake State Park located in West Michigan.  It has 2,000 acres of dunes!  They are 1.5 miles wide and 3 miles long!  For my daughter it was the largest sand box she has ever seen!

We started our dune adventure with some steps that lead to the area.

Once you got to the top of the steps you get to see a hint at what is to come.

The sand was soft and cool under your feet from the shade.

It is an amazing view!

I don’t know if the pictures do it justice.  Here is some perspective, I am at the top of the hill and my daughter is chasing me.

Michigan may not have the best reputation (Detroit), but we do have some pretty cool sights!

The dunes are located in between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan.  You can see Lake Michigan in the distance.

We had a great time and we will be back!

Happy Friday!

My Friday morning was off to a rough start.  My coffee maker decided it was going into early retirement.  I have only had it about six months.  I had to call the company that makes them, and they are sending me my third one!  I am happy the company is so easy to work with, but I just want something that makes me coffee for more than a few months at a time.  So I was not able to make coffee. 

I decided to eat breakfast.  It was oatmeal (the last of my berries!),  I got to make it ok, but eat it without interrruption, not possible.  When you are a mom nothing is about you and I know this.  No matter how much I pre-plan, during a meal she will always stop me for something mid bite.  🙂


After eating, my daughter and I headed down stairs to get my circuit workout done.  I am still feeling very fatigued. I have been eating well for the past few days, so I am just going to chalk it up to my current medication.  I just need to suck it up and do the best I can until I see the doctor about it.    

During my circuit (I am not new to them either) I can only do about 2/3 of the reps that I normally can do in a minute.  I just don’t have it in me.  I struggled through two  of the three rounds and decided it was just not a circuit day for me.  I got on the treadmill for a nice walk, and my daughter wanted lunch.  When you are hungry, you are hungry, so I got off even though I barely got on. 

We ate lunch. 

It was another salad for me today.  It was with pear this time instead of apple.    It’s the last of that kind of salad stuff. 

I also had some brown and wild rice pilaf from last night’s dinner.  It is one of the better ones that I have made.  I’ll have to remember what I did.

I really wanted to accomplish some sort of workout today so we took the dogs for a walk on our normal 2 mile route.  My bigger dog dug her heels in and was done after about 5 minutes.  Can I accomplish anything today?

We took the dogs back home.  With my daughter still in the jogger I went for a run.  I can always tell about 3 minutes into my run how it will go.  If I don’t feel pain in that amount of time I am usually ok.  No pain!  I ran three miles!  I got to finish a workout today! Yay!

I came home and took a shower.  When I got out, my little one had snuggled up in bed and took a nap on her own.  My Friday is getting better! 

I had a Greek yogurt with honey and got started on my first post for today. 

My husband is on vacation starting Saturday and we are going to take a little trip.  He has been working like mad these days.  Employers think you should just be happy you have a job.  You would like a day off too?  I am excited.  I think we all need a change of pace.  It will be good to get away for awhile.  My daughter is excited to go on vacation too.

So I am going to get off the computer and get some stuff done before she wakes up.  It looks like the rest of my day is going to be a good one.

I hope yours is too!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.  🙂



I hope your Thursday morning went well. My morning was a bit early! It started with Greek yogurt at 3 AM!

I went to bed last night thinking that I might be a touch hungry. I did not feel “hungry” just  an “empty” feeling maybe? This intuitive eating is not all that intuitive sometimes for me. I just went to bed anyway and I fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke up 2 AM with actual “hunger” this time. I hate when I do that! It’s going to be one of those challenging food days.  I don’t want to overdo things like Monday.

Nothing sounded good that early in the morning. I laid there and could not go back to sleep so I decided to eat some yogurt with honey on it. That seemed to do the trick!  I slept until 7:00 AM.

After a while I got hungry for breakfast and oatmeal was my go to.

I ran on the treadmill (rain!).  I ran three miles and I had something going on in my right calf of all things.  They never give me problems!  Then my bad knee felt vulnerable.  I decided it was time to walk.  I walked the last mile and then stretched and iced.  Time for lunch!

I had my favorite salad and a mashed sweet potato this time.  Sorry it may be boring to see it again, but it’s good and easy to put together!  I only have enough chicken left for maybe one more go at it.  🙂

It has some dried blueberries this time too!

That is the last of my cooked sweet potatoes!  You probably won’t see them tomorrow, uless I decide to make fries out of some.  🙂

After a while little things started to irritate me.  I grabbed the last of my almonds from yesterday and began to nibble.  This is a hard one.  Is my blood sugar low so I am easily irritated and I need food, or am I just angry and I am about to emotionally eat?

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, and like I said intuitive eating is sometimes so challenging for me, and other times I think I have it down completely.  I went with the first one and decided I needed to eat something in order to prevent me from nibbling on everything in sight.

I had something I have never had before.  It is a hot 10 grain multi-cereal.  I sprinkled on some flax seeds, chia seeds, millet, and drizzled on some grade B maple syrup.

I loved this!  It was filling and my mood improved, and it also reminds me of a spiral galaxy.  🙂   I am trying to eat more meals instead of snacking.  Let’s hope I can keep this up!

Have a great afternoon and I will talk to you soon!


Good afternoon!  I hope you all had a great morning.  It seems like my first post is getting later and later!  I have been getting up later which I guess is a good thing.  I am also slower to get started in the morning.  Maybe my hypothyroid meds are too low? I go for another blood test in November.  I’ll just do the best I can until then. 

I am feeling better than yesterday, but I am still feeling weak and not up to par.  No circuit workout sounded good to me.  I went through my stack of them (I put them all on index cards) and nothing sounded good.  So what did I do?   A free style circuit!

I just set my watch timer for 1 min repeats and set the chrono and I did all of my favorite strength training moves for 45 minutes.   It was enjoyable.  I guess I just did not want to be told what to do today.  🙂

I did each move for a minute and I did most of the moves for three rounds.    Maybe that is my new thing.  I guess I need to start designing my own circuits to cater to how I feel each day.  I do believe in challenging yourself so I will add stuff in that is not exactly my favorite (like push-ups!)  I need a change and I think this will do the trick.

For breakfast today:     Oatmeal again!  I topped it with banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pecans!  I love this combo!  I want to enjoy all of the last of the freshest berries.  Lately they have not been looking so great, but I got lucky last time I went to the market.  They taste as good as they look too!

For lunch:  A repeat salad of last night’s dinner except I used apple instead of pear just because I had a half of one in the fridge to use.  I am enjoying this salad and you may see it a few more times.  

I also had a sweet potato, cold and cubed this time with agave and pecans.  It’s sort of a lunch dessert!  Very tasty. 

That’s my eats so far.  I am going to head over to my parents for a visit.  It’s too bad it’s raining; my little one won’t be able to drive her little Jeep my parents bought her. Why didn’t I ever get anything like that?!  🙂

Have a good one,

Talk soon!



I hope your labor day weekend is off to a great start if you celebrate it!

My morning was busy and started later than normal.  I actually slept in!  Normally when my husband does not have to work on Saturday I get up early and get my workout in before everyone wakes up.  Not the case this morning.

I had some grocery shopping to do so we got an early start.  We began with breakfast.  I would like to say it was great but it was not for me.  We went to an IHOP out of convenience.  I have had their Lite and Fit Veggie Omelette before and enjoyed it but today it seemed a bit greasy and the oven roasted tomatoes (which I loved last time) freaked me out a bit.  So anyway here is what it looked like.  It looked good!  The fruit was good but I had to bypass all the honeydew and cantaloupe.  It always gives me a scratchy throat.

After, we headed to the motorcycle shop.  I love my motorcycle, but he’s very pretty and requires a lot of attention to keep him that way.  Polishing, waxing, dusting, and washing.  I think I want more of a dual sport now  so I can take him up north for trail riding too.  Off and on road, it’s the best of both worlds and he does not care if he get’s a bit dusty.  I did not see anything that caught my eye just yet.  No dual sports on the floor.

We hit up Costco next and did my shopping.  When we got done it was around noon and I was hungry for lunch.  I had half of a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish.  It was very good!  I have not had one in a long time!

At home I got everything put away and I needed a snack.  An apple, one of my homemade multi-grain rolls and a slice of aged white cheddar did the trick!  It was so good!

I still have not done my cardio yet for today.  It used to bother me if I did not get it done in the AM but it does not anymore.  I know I will get to it.  I just prefer to get it done early.  I am going to go for an evening run.  This is something I enjoy and don’t do very often, so I am excited for it.  I would go right now but it is super hot out.  I’ll wait for cooler temps tonight.

For dinner we are just going to have some left overs from last nights dinner.  I may have a greek yogurt or a smoothie for a snack later on.  That’s my eat day and plans for the night.  I’ll let you know if it varies.  🙂

I hope you have a great afternoon and evening!

Talk soon!

This morning I did my circuit and made a few goals. I kept them up! I had three full meals and I thought not too many snacks until I looked at my photos. Who am I kidding! I like to snack, and they were all healthy.  Not at any point today did I feel the least bit over full, so I feel like it was a good day.  I even had some fun in the kitchen and made bread!  Yeast bread!

Here is my day:

Snack 1: Apple and cheese. Tasty!

I worked on making my bread dough and put it in the bowl to rest and rise.

I cleaned the house some more (floors, laundry) and had snack #2 Greek yogurt and honey!

My multi-grain bread dough rose and was ready for formation!

You can see he has more than doubled!  I made one loaf for sandwiches and dinner rolls out of the rest.  I had a dinner planned for my husband that included all of his favorites.  My parents were able to come for dinner too.  It was a great way to start off a three day weekend!

All ready for rise #2!

I got hungry again and started dipping into my unsalted peanut jar and had maybe 2 TBS of them and I made myself stop and eat some carrots too (sorry half is missing).  Then I went on to graham crackers but I stopped and still was hungry when dinner came around.

Oh my, dates too!  I forgot about those.  They came after the carrots and before the graham crackers.  I ran out of walnuts and moved on to pecans and chocolate dusted almonds to stuff them with.  It’s just not the same.  I need my walnuts tomorrow.  I need lot’s of things tomorrow!  It was the last of my carrots too!

Finally it was dinner time!  Here is what was left over.  It was mashed potatoes with beef gravy and slow roasted beef chunks in it.  On the side was canned green beans and canned corn.  He grew up on eating canned vegetables and he mostly prefers them to fresh.  I have to give in once in a while.  🙂  It was all very good.

We also had my bread rolls too!  Here is what was left.  I sent half home with my parents since they enjoyed them so much!

Here is a picture of the beautiful loaf of bread I made.  It turned out great!  I love how tall he got and how lovely the dark amber color is as well!  I put flax seeds, millet, and sesame seeds on top.  I can’t wait to cut into him tomorrow!

That’s my eats for today!  I feel good!  Like I said it seems like a ton of food, but I never once felt too full!  I am experimenting with listening to my body and letting it tell me what it needs and not what I think it does.  I can always step it down if I feel like I need to.  I am just trying to eat more daily so that I can see if it helps me avoid overeating periods.

Baking bread is something that I love to do!  If you have never done it, it may seem like a lot of work, but it is mostly passive.  You have to wait around quite a bit and have to start it early in the day in order to have it ready by dinner time but it is totally worth it.  One day I want an outdoor bread oven!  It’s on my list of wants and in the early planning stages.

Do any of you bake yeast type breads or have you before?