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I have just re-done my last post three times and it keep cutting stuff out every time I post!  I will try one more time to get it right.  Sorry if you read one that seemed incomplete.


This morning I had some awesome zucchini bread for breakfast and headed out for my run.  My knee has been feeling pretty good and I don’t want to mess that up.  I didn’t plan on running today, I was going to cross train with some Mtn biking (due to rain it was not going to happen).  With that being said, I was not sure how well I would run today.

I walked the dogs for about 15 minutes, took them home and began my run.  I felt fast today.  Maybe it was all the PB and snacks from yesterday, but I ended up doing 5 miles 4 minutes faster than normal!  I felt so good today!  Only a tiny bit of tightness in one hip.

When I got home it was lunch time.  I was craving a salad with tuna and hard-boiled egg.  So I had to boil the eggs and cool them and it took awhile but it was worth the wait!  I got another craving fulfilled.

Cheddar cheese chunks, egg, tuna, cucumbers, and tomato all on top of crunchy fresh romaine lettuce!  So good!

Then I needed something sweet and had an apple.

A pink lady.  I like her, but Ginger Gold are my absolute favorite!  They are hard to find, and are only in my area at the end of August and into September, then they are gone.  I am going to start my search!

I needed something more later on and went for some greek yogurt with honey and dried blueberries.

Now that my little girl is taking a nap (yay!), I seriously need to get going on laundry and housework!

I hope you have a great afternoon!

Talk later!

I stayed at my parents for a while with my daughter and then left her for the night.  It was time to go birthday shopping for the little one!  She will turn 3 this Sunday.

I was so busy rushing around and checking things out that I did not eat for a long time.  I was caught without snacks too since I did not plan to be out for so long!  I felt nausea mostly, so I decided that it was time to get something in me.  I ate five of these:

I thought they were ok.  I don’t know if I would buy them again.  (Maybe on the second try I will like them?)

I also had one of these:

I have never had a Gingerade before.  It was good.  I always like things with ginger, but it was not a green GT which I love.  😦

That allowed me to get home and not eat everything in sight!  I had one of the leftover peppers from last night and a sliced apple.  I tried to take the picture from afar, since stuffed peppers just don’t look pretty the next day.  (You may not want to view it.) His looks might have left but he tasted even better today!

It’s such a beautiful evening!  I am going to take the dogs for a walk.  They have been alone for quite a while today.

I am sure I will snack on something else tonight.  It might be one of these fig bars and maybe a salad.  I think I need to get some greens in today.

I stopped at my local health food store (where I got the GT) and picked up this and a few coconut waters, and some Braggs Liquid Amino to try.  I am excited!

I am going to go and get changed for my walk.

Have a great night!

Good Monday Morning to you!

Breakfast is going to be a hard decision for me today.  I am out of bananas and my stash of frozen bananas have been depleted as well!  My oatmeal usually uses a banana in some form or another.  It’s a good thing I know which Gabby Reece circuit I am going to do today:


SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 seconds per exercise
10-15 seconds rest in-between each exercise
45 Seconds rest between each round

1. Bridge Leg Lifts / Bridge Swivel Lifts Right
2. Bridge Leg Lifts / Bridge Swivel Lifts Left
3. Spiderman Modified with a Kick
4. DB Squats
5. SB Chest Press
6. Toe Bridge Up-Down
7. Dip and Bridge (chair)
8. DB or MB 1 Arm Press 1 Leg up and Open
9. DB Alternating Lunge Back and Forward
10. DB Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
11. SB 1 Push Up 3 Roll Ins
12. KB Sumo Squat
13. DB Diagonal single Leg Squat
14. DB Hammer Curl to Step Back Lunge
15. DB Lawn Mower
16. Ballet Toe to Ceiling

Always fun!  I have been doing her strength training (in one form or another) workouts for about three years now!  Before that, I have never been able to stick to a strength training regimen for more than two weeks!  She mixes it up, has tons of moves, and makes it fun.  I also like that the reps are timed.  I hate counting reps, although I catch myself doing it still.  It is fun to see how many you can do in a minute and see your progress.

I still need to figure out breakfast and I am hungry!

Talk soon!

Today I did not eat so well.  I began with my normal oatmeal and then…it went south or so I thought before I really thought about it.

My husband had the day off and lately he has not had too many of these.  I knew it would not be the healthiest eat day because of that.  When he is home we tend to go out to eat and I am not sure that it can compare with a home cooked meal as far as health is concerned.

We went to Fudruckers for lunch (I had a few crackers and probably not even an ounce of cheese before we left since I was pretty hungry).  I got a buffalo burger (sorry no photos, I still feel like a weirdo pulling out my camera in a restaurant to take a photo of my food) with onion rings.  I am trying to eat intuitively and it was successful!  I stopped halfway into the burger because I was full and left a few onion rings on the plate too!  I thought this might inspire me to devour sweet stuff, but it didn’t!  I was full and did not want to eat anything else.

We went shopping and then when we got back I was craving chocolate.  I dipped into our bridge mix supply and ate some.  Probably more than I wanted to but not crazy out of control!

Then I went for a run and was able to run for 3.5 miles with no pain but then after that I felt a little in my good knee!  So I walked the last .5 miles home and iced both my knees.  They feel good though, no pain now and I did not even have any Advil!

I had to get showered and cleaned up to take my daughter to dance.  We did not have time for dinner and at that point I was not all that hungry.

After dance we ordered a pizza and I thought it was going to lead to ice cream, cookies, brownies, and candy.  Once again it did not!  I ate pizza until I felt full (about 2 and 1/2 pieces.)

Overall I ate probably too much but I did not go crazy!  That seems like progress to me.  Yesterday I had a small binge, but it was pretty tame.  Today was better.  I think things will continue to improve.

Sunday mornings have to be one of my favorite days of the week.  It’s usually a slower paced day and a rest day from my workout routine.

Today I started out my morning with my chocolate oatmeal with PB, a frozen banana, and some peanuts (A staple as of late), and a nice steamy cup of coffee.  I did some e-mail checking and blog surfing and waited for my little one to wake up.  I guess I like mornings in general.  It is usually a little quiet me time.

I got my daughter breakfast and we went for a leisurely walk with the dogs.  It was a 20 minute one. It is going to be a hot one today so we got out early.

The walk was just enough to loosen up my tight left hip.  My knee feels great just the hip area is giving me a little trouble.  stretching is in order today.

The picture above is from my garden.  A while back I did a piece (Weed!) on an edible weed called Purslane (Portulaca oleracea).  You can check it out by clicking on the above link.  The above plant is in the same genus (Portulaca grandiflora) and happens to be one of my favorite flowers!  Please do not eat this one!  It is used for aestetic purposes.

It’s time to get cleaned up and go grocery shopping for the week.  I hope you get outside today and enjoy your Sunday!

What are your plans for the day?

I have been craving beets!  I love them!  There is nothing better than a beet salad or eating them just as a snack.  Every time I cook them however, they get the best of me!

I steam my beets.  I guess I should just boil them to prevent what happens to me every time but I figure steam probably retains more flavor and nutrients than boiling them away in water.  I like my beats whole too which contributes to my problem.  They take a long time to cook!

I thought I was being diligent in checking them every so often to add water to the pot if needed.  I got distracted (blogging) and the smell of something burning snapped me to attention!

The beets got me again!  As you can see the pot and steaming basket are black and have sticky, charred chunks stuck to them from the sugars released into the water at the bottom!


Maybe I should have opened a can!


Fortunately the beets were done and unscathed.

I ended up making a salad with whatever produce I could find.  It tasted pretty good!  My beets were awesome too!  They had a slightly smokey flavor.  🙂

I went for a three-mile walk after my workout.  It was another great day!  I ate good and plan on having a protein shake tonight if I need it.

Do you eat beets?  How do you prepare them?  Do you have my problem?