Originally I set this blog up as a way to catalog my eating and exercise.  It was a way for me to be “accountable”. It also became a food blog at some point. Through blogging I learned that creating a list of the things I was eating and sticking to a plan was not the way to go.  I discovered intuitive eating and realize that my obsession with food and exercise were from dieting and my body was trying to rebel. No matter what I did I was not going to be able to stick to a “food plan”.

I have been eating intuitively for a little over two years now, and can honestly say it works.  I was at a healthy weight when I began and I still am. My weight has gone down slightly even! I eat what I want, when I am hungry, and to the point of fullness, which for me is the key.  For years I never felt fullness!

Now the blog is sort of my life through intuitive eating eyes.  Our culture views dieting, weight-loss, and extreme exercise as virtuous.  I don’t see it that way.  It all sounds innocent, but I see it as the set up of potential disordered ways.