Since working on my intuitive eating, I sometimes question my workout mode.  I have problems with anxiety.  I think it is one of my main triggers for overeating (that and doing things I don’t want to do as a close second). A good workout helps with anxiety for me.

I struggle with what a normal workout is. If you pay attention to any health and fitness news you will see that the popular workouts that are out there are pretty extreme. I know, I used to partake in them all, so my views of normal exercise are somewhat skewed at times.

I have always admired a former athlete.  She retired from professional sports a while back but still puts herself out there now and then.  She is always committed to health and fitness, or is she?

I have read that she will workout for two to five hours a day.  Is this disordered? It was a shock to me. Am I admiring a person that abuses exercise? I know everyone’s fitness level will vary.  Maybe this type of commitment is just normal exercise for her and would be too much for me?

I guess why I wonder is because I have decided to up my game.  I am training for an up coming running race (I know me and every other blogger out there).  I am not telling you this for yay me, look how virtuous I am etc. I just felt like I needed the challenge and peace of mind it can bring for me.

I was getting a bit bored with my normal workout routine and the thought of this race really excited me.  After having gone through physical therapy almost a year ago (due to a muscle imbalance exaggerated during pregnancy) I feel like I am ready.

My daughter has recently started school.  I am not the most social creature. I think I could (I know I could) be defined as an introvert.  Her entrance into school brings all sorts of anxiety for me.  I am not worried about her in this department, she does great, its me.  I have to go to birthday parties, school functions, and help out in the classroom.  These are all fun things that I enjoy when I am doing them, but they do bring on anxiety big time for me.  Running helps me manage it a bit.

I don’t want to trade one disorder for another.  I think as long as you are excited and happy to do something (not feel like you have to), can take days off when needed (sick, injured, etc), and don’t feel exhausted afterward it is okay.

Is my fitness idol disordered? I guess she can only answer that. I have to remember it’s all about me.  No comparisons. Which brings me to another small thought.

On my idols website she has a guest post about a woman that lost weight and gives her “secrets” about weight loss. One of the points was to find friends or surround yourself with people that are thinner than you. Really?! How awful! First of all you don’t know how they got thin or remain thin.  They could have a major eating disorder, and you are admiring them for it and basing your friendship on their appearance!

So maybe I should not admire my former role model. That hurts.  It goes way back to the mid 90’s, but I do like my new perspective.

Keep your filters on people, don’t buy in to all the diet/crazy exercise hype. Just keep it light and fun for you.

Have a good one 🙂