Hello to you!

Recently a friend of mine told me how she was going to go to a well-known hospital for help with weight loss. She was going on a diet plan with a registered dietician.  She has 70 pounds to lose and the program has you eating 5-6 bars a day along with shakes.

When she eats these products she feels no hunger which is good (you should eat when you are hungry). Then she tells me she was bad this day (proceeds to tell me what she ate) and that day.  On the days that she “cheated” they were reasonable amounts of food to me.  A small piece of a little cake (seriously the whole cake no bigger than the size of your hand) for her son’s birthday and  a few chips here and there.  These are all normal things, in normal proportions, in normal settings, that normal people eat.  The diet makes you think that you are bad for eating them! She even thinks she is doing something wrong when she is sneaking in a piece of fresh fruit to spice up her diet shakes. I despise diets.

My friends don’t know about me and my intuitive eating (which by the way is on autopilot, much different from when I started two years ago). I want to tell people about it, but without solicited advice, I never do.

If you think you could help someone, do you bring it up?