• quart of milk
  • yogurt cultures

With these two ingredients you can make your own yogurt!

I made a double batch of yogurt yesterday. Here is how I did it:

I brought up two quarts of milk to 180-185 degrees F (In the picture it’s not quite there but you want to be careful not to go too high so be cautious at this point.).

If you like your yogurt thicker like I do you can add 1/4 cup of powdered milk per quart and or 1 TBS of liquid fruit pectin per quart. I added both of these this time.

Now you just have to wait until it reaches about 10-115 degrees F. Then you can add your culture.

I used a powdered one that I purchased from a cheese making supply place. You could also use two TBS of already prepared yogurt per quart of milk. Store bought brands may not be as strong to culture from. Once you get started making your own yogurt you can put some aside for this purpose.

I added the milk and the cultures to a small bucket that comes with my yogotherm.

You put the lid on the bucket and place it into the yogotherm. The yogotherm is just a giant insulated styrofoam container which will keep the temp up for the cultures to grow.

You put the lid on the yogatherm and let it sit overnight. Sorry for the blurry above. It’s hard to photograph and place a heavy bucket into the other container. 🙂

In the morning you pull out the bucket of now yogurt and refrigerate until chilled.

Now you have yogurt!

My yogurt is in the chilling phase now. It really is simple to do. Here’s a recap:

  1. Bring milk and optional ingredients (powdered milk, liquid fruit pectin) up to 180-185 degrees F.
  2. Let mixture cool to 110-115 degrees F
  3. Put in yogotherm bucked and add culture (powdered or from another source).
  4. Let sit overnight.
  5. Refrigerate to chill.

That’s it you are done!

I normally like to include some color in my posts so here is a random picture with lot’s of color.

It’s my first attempt at abstract art painting. I did it on canvas in acrylic paint and hung it in the laundry room. I am actually pleased with how it came out. Not bad for a first attempt!

I got the idea from a how to website on abstract paining.

I felt the inclination to paint. Odd. I have never done it before. Where the idea came from to paint is odd itself. More to come on that. Painting was fun, and I plan to do more of it, trying different styles.

I am going to wait for my yogurt to chill. Not sure what else the day will bring.

I hope you have a great day!