I got my garden done today!  I divided the area into fours and decided that the distance between the walkways was a bit too far.  I ripped it up again and here is what I came up with:

With six sections I can easily get around without stomping on the soil and compacting it.  Hopefully this will help me with weeding.  🙂

I went a bit crazy at the farmer’s market this morning!  It was so busy today!  I don’t think I have ever been there when it was that busy!

I got the soils tilled in and the walkway put in.  With the hard part over (putting in the walkway twice) the fun part begins!

I got them all into the old wheel barrow.

Then I got to work planting.  There is definitely more pretty plants than edible ones.  Oops!  My goal was to make a pretty veggie garden and I think I accomplished that.  (I am also a gardening mess and probably could use more sun,no judging!).  🙂

My husband was very impressed!

Now it all needs to grow!  I tried super hard not to over plant.  I only have a few veggies and herbs towards the insides of the squares and annual flowers around the edges for color.

I am proud to say this is my veggie garden.  You don’t understand how my gardens have looked for the past twelve years.  Weeds, overcrowding, lack of nutrients, and at some point probably a lack of water!  To top it off I have a horticultural and biology degree.  I can only wonder what friends, family, and neighbors must have thought.  🙂

So mission accomplished.

I am dirty and it’s time to hit the shower.

Have a great night!