No, I have never been to the windy city for any other reason than just passing through.  That fact has not changed, but I have a whole new appreciation for the city.  Recently I found myself in Detroit at Comerica Park for a Tiger’s game.

It was there I found the Chicago hot dog!  How is it I have never had one of these before?!

I am not sure what gives the relish its errie green color, but I was awed and slightly disgusted by it when I saw my husband order one.  After a while of eying his and watching him eat it, I had to try one too, and it was amazing! It consisted of: a hot dog, bun with poppy seeds, relish, onion, hot peppers, tomato, and a pickle all sprinkled with a touch of celery salt!

Here is a view from the park:

We spent some time in the city walking to Greek town and around the stadium.  It gave me a better feeling about Detroit in general.  The area around the stadium, Ford Field, Greektown, The fox, etc.  seems very nice!

Our view of the ball field from our seats:

When you get your local news out of Detroit Michigan like I do, sometimes you feel that all it has to offer is murders, stabbings, kidnappings, robbery, and any other nasty thing you can think of. In this area I felt pretty safe.

I enjoyed seeing the older buildings and churches there too (wish I had gotten pictures!).  So beautiful!  You can see what Detroit used to be if you think real hard.  My Grandpa (no longer with us) lived in Detroit when it was booming.  He always spoke of it fondly and I could see it on my trip there.

So yes, people were constantly asking us to buy something or were asking for money, but I enjoyed seeing Detroit in a new light.  Isn’t that normal in big cities anyway?