I started these seeds in a large pot about a month ago or more.  They are finally getting to an almost usable size!  I put them in the container since I knew my garden was going to be under construction.

I got all of the dirt moved in after an hour and a half of shoveling and moving it.  I did not get much farther because we visit my parents all day on Tuesday.  I got this done when we got back.

You can see when I started just how poor the soil is compared to the new topsoil.  I am going to till it up tomorrow.

To go along with my salad, I am making salad plates!  I have been looking for a set of new dishes for almost a year now.  I can’t seem to find a set I like, and if I do it’s made in China which bothers my husband.  He does not want us eating lead.  So I am making them myself.

I started with the salad plates since that is what I use most of the time for sandwiches etc.  I am using a slab technique with a decorative impression.  I cut them out and put them into the original salad plate lined with paper.  You can press it in and use it as a mold.

I have a pottery wheel but it is so hard to get a set to look relatively uniform.  So this is how they look in their rough stages:

Here is how they look after they are dry.  I’ll fire them and then glaze them and fire them again!  I am working with them a bit at a time.  For the dinner plates I want to incorporate some of this design mixed with imprinting hosta leaves.  I can’t wait!

That’s all for now.

Have a great night!