This morning started off with breakfast out.  I had a veggie omelette (hold the cheese), hash browns, and one triangle of toast (my daughter eats it up before I get to it.  :)) It was good as always where we go.

Today they were giving out carnations to mom’s.

I got this pretty red one!

Then we headed to the pet food store to stock up on dog food.

My bigger dog had some issues with dog foods lately so we put her on “Blue Buffalo” dog food.  I guess we need to keep her on that.  My little dog get’s it by default.  I guess the source of protein in the dog food is pretty good.  My dogs always seemed so hungry.  Hopefully this will help with that too (I hope so it’s not cheap).

For my mother day’s dinner I grilled burgers.

I had my favorite hamburger buns (whole wheat bakery one’s from Kroger)!  Yum!  You have to split them yourself!

They were topped with all the fixings of a proper burger:  lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and Swiss cheese.

Mine overflowing as usual with the toppings!  It’s not good unless it’s sloppy!

My favorite sides too.  Regular potato chips dipped into baked beans.  It gives me my sweet from the beans and the salty of the chip.  🙂

It was so beautiful out (75 and sunny!) that I took a walk with only my little dog.  He was the only one that wanted to go.

He’s resting up after the walk.

All in all it was a very nice day.  I hope you all had a great weekend and Sunday!

Talk soon!