Really?  Never?  I think most of you know how much I love Gabby Reece.  I do her workouts, I try her recipes since they look healthful and delicious but, Really? You should never eat these?

They are as follows:

  1. Cold breakfast cereals
  2. French fries
  3. Bagels and breads

I read on her website today an article entitled “3 Foods you should never eat!”.  They are basing this on the Glycemic index which I know is generally used for diabetics not the general public.  Are we just drawn to read things like this? Any number in a title will do.  You know what I mean, “8 steps to a healthier you!”  or “10 easy steps to shrink your middle” or something like that.  I know I like to read them myself.  Lately I have been furious with articles that tell you what you should and should not eat.

As a part of the process in intuitive eating you are supposed to reject the diet mentality and say “no” to the food police.  I could just do this in my head, but I feel that articles like this that are meant to help people, only fuel eating disorders.  People avoid these so-called “evil” foods at all costs only to crave them and binge out on them leaving them in a worse place than they were before.  I would have been happier with “Three foods you should avoid”. I probably should have just taken the article to be avoiding quick-to-grab foods.

Let’s talk breakfast cereals.  The article says basically you probably know not to eat Frosted Flakes but the so-called “healthy” ones like grapenuts are bad for you too.  A high glycemic index I will give you that but it’s looking at one aspect of a cereal.  If you compare it to the same quantity of quaker old-fashioned oats (lower GI and I usually eat them every day) there are some benefits: three extra grams of fiber, 2 grams less of total fat, 15% more iron, 2% more calcium, 80% more iron, 10% more vitamin D, I can keep going on.  Is oatmeal a better choice? Probably, but I don’t think it is the half cup serving of grapenuts that is making you severely obese.

French fries. They do have a high glycemic index and the fat they use for frying is probably pretty bad for you. I’ll give you that one, but never?  Never eat them? Don’t make it a staple in your diet, don’t eat the extreme super sized one, moderation people.  Eating some fries will not make you obese.  I do like to make oven fries at home with some olive oil.  Potatoes are natural.  They are not bleaching a white potato to make it that way.  Eat some, just not a ton.

Bagels and breads.  They say don’t even go for whole grains!  I personally need this in my diet.  I feel satisfied when I eat them.  If I withhold from eating them watch out later.  I would make up for it eventually.  Lunch for me is usually a sandwich.  I am not obese.  I have a healthy weight and BMI.  It’s portion control.  I choose wheat and whole wheat as opposed to white.  If I feel like eating white, I do.  Bagels I am just not all that into.

I don’t mean to pick on Gabby.  She does wonderful things for her community with fitness and health, even the environment is a concern for her.  I have the utmost respect for her.  This just happened to be the most recent article I read and was the last straw for me so to speak.  In her defense it was written by a doctor and I think re-posted so to speak.

My heart just goes out to people with eating disorders that read this stuff and think it to be the gospel.  I am at a point right now where I can say what works for me and what does not.  I’ll continue to eat my grapenuts on occasion with honey and almond milk as a snack at night (yes I took personal offense to that one).  Then next time I reach for it you better believe I will have to challenge the food police in my head when I grab the box.