I decided to try the Vitamix for part of my dinner last night.  A Mandarin orange salad sounded good and I had a recipe for an orange vinaigrette in the book that came with the new mixer.  

This thing cracks me up.  I have made similar  vinaigrette’s in the past and used orange juice in the recipe.  Nope, just peel the orange and put them in!  In with the green onions too!  Don’t bother dicing either.  🙂

Bird’s eye view of dressing in the making:


The finished product:


Very good!  Just the right amount of sweet and kick!

For those of you that have been folowing my intuitive eating, it’s still going well.  Very well!  I would say I am doing the best I have been yet.  

This is where it will get tricky.  I start feeling well when I am eating well, my weight drops (partially thyroid related, it’s been low for 10+ months) and I like what is going on and start to get more strict with my eating because I see results.  I am really trying to combat this.  

So eating wise, I am  trying not to change a thing.  I want to keep up with having “fun foods” throught the day.  It’s just little things like having a granola bar, fun items on a salad (chow mein noodles, goldfish crackers, etc.), other treats, and so on.  I am eating healthy, but it does not have to be all Kale and brown rice.  

Intuitive eating works!

Eating mostly healthy requires work!  I spend a considerable amount of time, planning, chopping,preparing, cleaning, and so on.  One small meal in my tiny kitchen makes it go from clean,


to completely trashed! (Excuse the half and half, stainless steel and white in the kitchen, we are in a transition period.  :)) 


It’s worth the effort.  I think I would keep it up even if I worked.  I have the time now, but when I worked before we ate allot of pizza.  🙂

For my exercise I am still doing the PT exercises 2-3 times a week and strength training MWF.  I do cardio T TH S (walking lately) and take Sunday off.  

I am on week 6 of my rehab plan and it seems to be working.  I am not completely pain free but it is soooo much better than it was at week 1!  I think I may have to continue this to week 8 and go from there to see if I can start running again.  If I do go back to running.  I may not for a couple of reasons.

I know of two people recently that were big runners and trained for marathons that have injuries similar to mine. They are younger than me and they are now in there thirties and all the running is catching up with them.  One of them might need pins put in!  Yikes!  If I do go back to running it will be small amounts.  

So I don’t want anymore injuries and exercising normaI amount’s, I think has helped my eating.  Not burning a ton of calories keeps my hunger more manageable.  I can eat normal amounts of food and feel full (I think if I stepped it up again, I would be able to adjust.  I have really learned my hunger and fullness cues lately).  I am still exercising to be healthy, but not to the extreme.  In my 20’s I was a machine ( which my dad always told me I was not, smart dad!).  You don’t think it will happen to you, but it did (running injuries) to my friends too.

I know lot’s of people can run insane numbers of miles and are still ok.  This is just what I think will work for myself.

Have a great day!