As part of my new years resolution I have vowed to get back into ceramics.  For years I have looked at the kiln and the wheel and have had specific projects in mind, I just never got around to actually doing it.  My daughter is getting older (almost 4!) and I am able to do more things.  This is something she enjoyed watching and learning how to do too.  That always helps!

I have been needing some coasters (drying them on the rack helps them do so more evenly).  So, I decided that I would hand build them using a slab technique.  I liked adding some texture to them as well.  I made a few more for an upcoming mothers day gift for my mom.  Who can’t use a few coasters?  🙂

I have a few other projects in mind.  I am going to work on a tile/wall art type thing for my dining room.  After that I am going to work on one that will involve imprinting man-hole covers.  It may not be a new idea, but I thought my daughter would enjoy going to different parts of our township/city and finding different patterns.  If you really pay attention to them, there are some pretty cool designs!  It will give my project an industrial edge.  I’m excited about that.

This is all in response to me not being able to run or workout like I like to.  It is keeping my mind happy.  Running and working out do that for me.  It’s nice to have a back up.  I am enjoying it, so I want to keep it up even when the exercise can return.

My knee is still not great.  It’s way better than when I started this new approach to healing my knee.  I am giving it time.  Every time I see a runner I am secretly jealous.  🙂

I hope you all had a great day!

Talk soon. 🙂