Today I did some PT exercises since my knee is feeling a bit better.  Which is surprising since I had volleyball last night.  I forgot about that when I wrote my post yesterday.  It was a tough game too.  Normally court volleyball is played with 6 people we only had four!  I had to hustle!  Lots of running and jumping.  I thought for sure my knee was going to feel it today.  I only have one game left for the season so I think it will be ok.  It was so fun though!  It reminded me of my sand volleyball days!

The PT exercises took me 50 minutes!  I think it will go quicker next time.  I was going slow and making sure I was doing everything correctly. I also worked the other leg for preventative maintenance.  I did not want the uninjured leg to feel left out.  In addition, I did a 10 minute walk and a fairly slow pace (3.5-3.8 MPH).  I think that’s enough for today.  I need to make up a Tabata workout for tomorrow.

For lunch today I utilized the left overs from last nights dinner.  Well most of them.  My husband came home and devoured all of the shrimp (with potato chips and pistachios too I might add!) So I used all the items he did not eat:  lentils, mixed kales and spinach, sprouts, and croutons.  I turned it into a soup/salad combo.

With the lentils I made a quick soup and ladled it onto a bed of the kale and spinach.  I topped it with sprouts and a few croutons.  The greens wilted up into the soup making it a warm, comforting, eye pleasing, healthful dish!  I would eat this again!  Look how pretty!

Do you and your significant other have the same taste preferences/eating practices?

My husband is not all that concerned about healthful eating and some times it drives me crazy (like when I have prepared a nice full meal and only a bit of it is eaten.  :))

Now I am off to do a bit of grocery shopping.

I hope you all have a great day!