We finally made it to the cider mill this morning!  In preparation, we stopped for breakfast.  I did not want to go to my favorite donut place on an empty stomach.  It would have been a bad scene!

It was raining where we were and I was bummed, thinking today was not going to be very fun and a little too muddy.  A few miles west and it was clear and dry.  It was going to be a good trip!

When you drive in the apple orchard you see trees loaded with apples like this!

From the parking lot you can see the main building of the vineyard/orchard.

They have wine and tasting, sell pumpkins, all things apple, and my favorite donuts!

I am a very picky donut eater.  I don’t like them anywhere but here!  I eat them once a year with a vanilla cappuccino!  The donuts are made right in front of you and placed into bags.  They are always hot and they get bought up super fast!

Off to the side there are picnic tables so you can enjoy all of your goodies!

This is what I wait for each fall!  I am happy to say I only had one.  🙂

On the back side into the orchard they have a giant play area for kids.

It spans a huge area!

It has tons of stuff to do and animals to see, including a corn barn where it is full of dried corn for kids to play in like a sand box.

It was really fun and I am glad the weather held out at least in that area!

I hope you had a good day!