Today we took the dogs in for their yearly check-up and shots.  We dropped them off at home and went to the library, out to get me new glasses, and to grocery shop a bit. We were gone for quite a while.  I had some snacks in my purse.

I had a granola bar and a 1/4 cup of trail mix.  It was good but I really had planned on eating dinner before having a snack, but I was hungry so it was my only option.

We got back and I was still stumped.  I had some more of my rice chips (I love these!) and made myself stop.  I had a reasonable amount but I wanted to eat a meal not snack my way through it.  I ended up making an oven fried fish sandwich for dinner and left it at that.

He was very tasty.  I did not eat anything else for the rest of the night.  Ok, a bite of my husbands bagel and only 5 M&M’s , and a prune my daughter would not eat, but that’s it I swear!  🙂

I am still doing pretty good.  I had one of those days where being a mom was not so fun.  I wanted to make and eat dozens of cookies and the bag of M&M’s, but I was full with food and I resisted (the urge to make junk and eat it also passed).  The M&M’s did not set anything off either.  I really only ate 5!  I chalk it up as a good day!  I want to go for less “chipy, snacky, bite tasting” stuff and more actual “food”, but nothing sounded good today except for what I ate.

With intuitive eating I guess it’s mostly trial and error and eventually I will find what works best for me.  I just need to take it day by day.

I hope you had a good day and a great night!