I started off the day with a bowl full of steel-cut oats.  They are growing on me!  I topped it with banana, walnuts, and some maple syrup!

My parents came over since I did not have a car due to my husbands being in the shop.  With them here I got to go for a run by myself!  I did four miles.  🙂

For lunch I was not all that hungry so I ate a huge apple and some cottage cheese.

Later I got hungry and decided to eat a sandwich (not pictured).  I made it quickly (sliced chicken, aged white cheddar, lettuce and tomato) and ate it quickly because my husbands truck was finished.  My dad took me over to get it.

For a snack later I had some dates.  Not walnut stuffed this time.  🙂

Dinner was awesome.  Sometimes you just need a burger and fries.  I made a lean ground beef burger with aged white cheddar, carmelized red onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

I can’t tell you how good it was.  Paired with my oven sweet potato fries (coconut oil, red sea salt, and fresh grated ginger-Gabby Reece recipe), it was the best!

That’s my eats for the night.  I don’t plan on eating any more today.  I like how I have been eating lately.  I have about four larger meals with a small snack or two if I need it instead of snacking through the day (wich is what was going on there for a while).

Have a great night!