This morning was back to reality.  My husbands vacation ended.  Back to work.  He made it half way there and his front breaks were locking up!  What a way to start a rainy Monday morning!

My daughter and I got in the car and found him.  While he was waiting for us the brakes seemed normal.  I followed him to work.  I may have to come get him tonight we’ll see.

I was starving this morning by the time we got back and I wanted to try steel-cut oats again.  They take a bit of time to make so I made a scrambled egg and ate that while the oats were cooking.

Isn’t the little cast iron pan cute?  My mom used to make me breakfast out of it before school.  she gave me all of her cast iron pans because they are too heavy for her arthritic wrists.  I love that little pan!

My oats were finally done and I had them just like I had the 10 grain cereal yesterday.  I liked them better than the first time I tried them.  I think I could go for them more often.  I got my circuit workout in and then went for cleaning the house.  I took a break for lunch.

For lunch I had a repeat of yesterdays chicken soup, some eggplant dip, Lavash, and the best Ginger Gold apple of the season I have had!  He was perfectly ripe!

As for the rest of the time I have been cleaning like mad!  We have an appraiser coming to the house.  We are going to re-mortgage since the interest rates are extremely low.  We will save money and shave years off of our loan.  Always a plus!

I think I have things cleaned up to an acceptable level.  My husband thinks I am crazy.  I have an everyday acceptable clean, and company clean.  He thinks the house always looks good.  He’s the crazy one.  🙂

So that’s my eats so far.  I’m not sure about dinner.  Maybe a repeat of last night.  It depends on what time the appraiser comes and if I have to meet my husband.  I had planned a mixed mushroom soup.  I hope I have time to make it.

Talk soon!