Today is my rest day from exercise.  I will take a little walk later with the whole family this evening, but I don’t count that, it will be low-key.  I am loving the weather!  70 and partly sunny today!

I woke up with a bit of a sore throat.  My husband made breakfast of eggs and hash.  I had a tiny bit of that.

I also rounded it out with the last of my prepared 10 grain hot cereal.  I topped it with banana, PB, peanuts, and flax seeds.  It’s a nice change to oatmeal.

For lunch I wanted some chicken soup.  I was out of noodles and I am glad I was.  I ended up making the best chicken soup with veggies I have ever made!  I did make a homemade stock which makes all the difference.  Carrots, onion, garlic, yellow and green summer squash all together made it so flavorful and packed full of vitamins and yum!  It was just what a scratch throat needs.

For a snack I made Baba Ghanoush.  It was inspired from a post by  inpersuitofrealfood and an old recipe I have had marked in a book and never made.  I loved it!  I toasted up some Lavash (left over from the last few meals) bread and it was the perfect accompaniment.

I love the tiny flecks of color in the mixture!

So far that’s my eats for the day.  I am not sure what dinner will  bring.  Something to match the rest of my day that’s for sure!

I hope you had a great day!

Talk soon!