I never did eat that banana today.  I did however go straight to lunch.  I had a nice salad.  Similar to the ones I have been eating lately.

Spinach with balsamic vinaigrette, diced apple, red onion, aged white cheddar cheese, and dried cranberries.  I don’t seem to tire of this flavor combination.

For a snack later I had an apple, almonds, and some dates.

I got hungry and dipped into the last of the multi grain pretzels and decided it was time to make dinner.

I finally made my meal!

It was a Fattoush salad.

Lavash bread.

Lebanese marinated chicken with long grain white rice, cubed tomato and onion.

It was good!  Not quite as good as the original which is probably because I probably used way less oil and butter on everything.  🙂

I still plan on taking my walk tonight when my husband finishes mowing the lawn.  I am doing good with reguard to eating meals and snacks and not attacking sugary stuff like cookies, cake, ice cream, and candy.  I think I need to work on stopping when I am full at dinner a bit more and slowing down.  I was ok for most of the day.  It was just at dinner.  I was hungry!  Very hungry, and I ate a little too fast.  I still think I did pretty good today.

When you are full on food, dessert (at least for me)  does not even remotely sound good. It’s funny because I could never under stand this when my husband would say it to me in the past.   Every time I ate a meal, I was still thinking about the next one.  So I have no other plans on eating for the night!

That’s my eats today!  I hope you have a good Friday night!

Talk soon!