Good Friday Morning to you!

This morning I woke up early and decided to get my circuit workout done before my daughter and husband got up.  I did my Gabby Reece Anini Circuit.  I did not power through it like before.  I am still struggling!  I don’t know what my problem is.  I know I keep saying that but I can only do about 3/4 of what I normally do which is better than the 2/3 of what I could do the last week.  As I get used to this medication maybe it is getting better?

unfortunately we will not be going to the cider mill today.  It is beautiful out and would be the perfect day, but I have a couple of sickies in the house.  Both my daughter and husband have nasty colds.  They sound terrible!  Maybe that’s why I have been feeling weak?  Maybe I am trying to get it too?  I have none of their symptoms except feeling weak.  No sneezing, watery eyes, or runny nose!

I think we are going to have a quiet day at home.  I am going to take tons of Echinacea and vitamin C and hope I don’t get what they have.  I rarely get sick so I think I’ll be ok.

For breakfast I had some Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal.  I made it according to the instructions and it made 4 servings.  My husband actually ate one!  He never eats my oatmeal even though I always ask.  Today I asked if he wanted some of this cereal and he did!  What is going on?

He had it with brown sugar on top and I had it with maple syrup.  I love this cereal!

It looks so plain in the picture but it has so much going on in it!  It also looks like it is swimming in syrup but I really did not put that much on!  🙂  I ate it with a handful of peanuts on the side.  I’ll probably end up having a banana since it’s not in the cereal today like on my normal breakfasts.  I have two more servings for another time. I’ll have to try something different with them.

That’s my morning.  I will take the dogs for a walk today.  It’s sunny and the air is crisp.  My kind of day!

I hope you are having a great morning!