This afternoon I got a little snacky.  It was around three o’clock and I probably should have just had dinner but my husband had to go into work for a couple of hours to interview someone.  I did not want to make my big dinner for myself so I had some snacks to hold me over.

I had some peanuts (unsalted of course), then my daughter wanted Greek yogurt (why not?) so I had that with honey, peanuts, and dried blueberries.


Walnut stuffed dates sounded great too so I had about 4 of them.  Some multi-grain pretzels made their way in too.  My daughter wanted to go outside and play and it was a great idea.  I needed to get out of the house.  We ended up going down the street with her riding her bike.  We made it to the little park by the river and she played for a while. 

On the way home she did not want to ride her bike for some reason.  I had to hold her hand in one of mine and try to push her short bike with the other.  It was awkward.  Luckily my husband saw us on his way home and we were saved!

We had to go to the bank and run some other errands.  It was finally time to make dinner, but it was late and after all my snacking the meal I had planned to prepare did not sound good to me.  I was feeling like a nacho.  Rather than just making what I was going to make, I went with the nacho idea.  If I eat something I don’t want, I end up feeling unsatisfied and chase it with cookies, ice cream, candy, or whatever I think will make up for the lack thereof. 

How do you make a nacho that you will still feel good after eating?  Dump a bunch of veggies on top is my idea. 


It turned out more like a salad on steroids!

We loaded it up with my homeade green and red salsa.  It turned out so well, my husband said it was the best nacho he ever ate and only wants me to make it that way from now on!  

 I am pleasantly full and see no sugary food or any other food in my future for that matter tonight.

So the chicken (I planned on making) marinating in my refrigerator gets another 24 hours to work some magic.  The recipe said up to 48 hours so I am good to go.  I have a feeling I will want that type of a meal after my cider mill excursion tomorrow. 

We go to the one that I have been going to since I was a kid.  I have many cider mills in the surrounding area and none of their donuts compare to this place!  You can watch them make them and they go right into your bag hot!  I love their cinnamon sugar donuts.  I plan to eat one, not six tomorrow (yes I have been known to eat that many of them!) and a vanilla cappuccino.  It is what I do once a year!

That’s my eats for today,

I hope you have a great night!