This morning I had to get in another early start to exercise.  Being a Thursday, it is a cardio day for me.  I planned on getting out the door by myself since my husband is still on vacation.  I tried so hard to get out but my little dog pushed his way out the door and was not letting me leave under any circumstances!

So my little man and I went for a slow run/walk three-mile run.  It was probably for the best that he slowed me down since my knee hurt from volleyball last night.  We only had five people and coverage was thin.  I dove instinctively for the ball (thankfully wearing knee pads) and did not even consider my bad knee which is the one I went down on.  It’s not awful but sore today.

So my workout was nice but chilly!  Fourty degrees and windy.  Dressed in my shorts and a thin jacket I was cold!  I also have Reynaud’s so my fingers freeze if it is below 5o degrees.  I forgot my gloves too!  I came home and took a hot shower and ate a hot bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal Today:  Plain oats topped with banana chunks, chopped dates, pecans, millet and flax seeds.

Now I had to get ready for the unpleasant part.  My daughters three-year-old check-up.

She is super sensitive when it comes to going to the doctor (we are due to try the dentist soon and I am not going to think about that yet!).  We read books about it, play with her doctor kit, talk about check-ups and so on, but it never fails when it is time to go to the doctor it is a huge ordeal!  When we hit the parking lot she starts crying and it comes and goes in bursts untill we leave.

We finally finished up at the doctors (She is a healthy girl! I am so happy my husband was home to go with me.  I did plan it that way.  :)) and went for lunch.  I did not plan on eating out so I did not have my camera.  We were all hungry after the appointment since we had to wait 40+ minutes to get in to see the doctor.  All that waiting just adds to her anxiety.  So off to the coney that we like we went.

I had a salmon burger with some sweet potato fries.  I love that they do not salt the fries.  I am not a salty person.  I don’t have a picture of the burger but here are the left over fries that came home with me.

They are great re-heated in the convection/toaster oven!

That’s my eats so far.  I am looking for my mediterainan meal tonight!

I hope you have a great day!