Today I was focusing on intuitive eating.  So that means eat what I want and stop when I am full.  I know I have talked about this before, it seems so simple but I was not quite in it all the way.  I think I am ready to do the work and see how it is for me.  After Labor Day, it made me realize that what I was previously doing was not entirely working even if I do maintain a healthy BMI and bodyweight.  I do eat “healthy” and I like to eat that way, but I notice that I can take it a bit too far and then it backfires.

Here was my day:

Breakfast:  Uncle Sam Original with frozen blueberries, frozen banana chunks, and 50/50 unsweetened almond milk and skim milk.

Lunch:  A whole wheat tortilla burrito made with brown rice, black beans, cheddar jack cheese, spinach, tomato, onion, and sour cream.  On the side some salsa, red and green which I dumped on top.

After a couple of hours after lunch I ran three miles.  After my run I stretched and ate a snack as shown and listed below.

Snack:  An apple and PB

Dinner:  Salad-Garden with ranch (not shown, it was eaten too quick 🙂 ), bread sticks, and Pizza!

This place makes the best bread sticks!  We often wondered if they do that good on those how would they do with pizza?  They did great!

I also had a half-cup or so of extreme moose tracks ice cream.  I did not snap the picture, but I can honestly say it was one scoop and I felt ok with that.  It did not trigger anything.  I am sure it was because I was full on food and satisfied with what I was eating all day.

With intuitive eating there are no “bad” or “unhealthy” foods.  I needed to revisit this concept.  When eaten in moderation you can eat what you want and be satisfied and be healthy.  What  is the point of being super strict with yourself every day if it leads to overeating on occasion to make up for it?

So here we go again.  I am going to fully give it a go.  I did this on vacation and you know what? It was ok.  I had no scales to step on, no measuring tape, and no dietary check-lists of food groups to check off.  I just ate like I wanted to and when we got back I noticed my weight held steady.  It was a good feeling.

Exercise I have that down pretty well, eating is what I am working on.  Is there anything that you are currently working on?

Have a good night!