On Sunday we spent our time at an amusement park.  It was fun for my little one.  She got to ride quite a few little rides, including the frog hopper for the first time!  She was smiling the whole time.  The park is smaller than we are used to.  It is called Michigan Adventure.  We normally go to Cedar Point in Ohio which is huge in comparison.

My eats today were on the small side until we got to dinner.  Breakfast consisted of an English muffin toasted (compliments of our continental breakfast) and some very weak coffee (I was not sure if it was water for the tea, it was brown though:)). On half I used butter with honey, and on the other half I had PB and honey. 

Lunch was also small.  It was in the amusement park.  They were very limited in their food choices (Cedar Point has a large variety for an amusement park).  It’s pretty much hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries.   We found a melon bowl.  It was not very filling considering I can only eat the watermelon out of it.  The other ones I am allergic to.

 My husband and I also split a hamburger and some fries. 

As a snack when we got back from the park I had a few goldfish pretzels of my daughters and dipped them in the other half of my PB cup from breakfast. 

 An apple finished off the snack.

Dinner was the best!  We went to a bistro.  To start, I got a great salad and we ordered bread sticks.   

It was so fantastic!

The bread sticks were so awesome it made me wish we had ordered the pizza!  When I got the entrée I was pleased with my choice.  It is something I need to re-create soon!  Simple and delicious!


That’s my eats for Sunday,

I hope you have a good night!