We finally made it back to the hotel for some Michigan football and blogging. It’s pretty cool, this being the first time U of M has played at night! Go blue!

Most of our day was spent on the road. If you were to drive continually from our house to our destination it would probably only take about three hours or so. We stopped many times, shopping (I actually found a pair of Nike workout pants in a Tall size!  Do you know how hard that is for me to find?  I also got a new Nike jacket where the arms are actually long enough, which is hard to do since my wingspan is longer than I am! So happy!) :), eating, sightseeing, and so on.

I told you about breakfast this morning. For lunch we stopped at a restaurant with a salad and soup bar. That was what I got. My husband had my camera packed away so I did not get a photo, but it was a simple cup of split pea soup and a tasty salad.

We got back on the road and not long after we made another stop. I found some gas station snacks.

They kept me going until dinner.  We ate at a place called the Harbor View Grille.

It was nice and overlooked a small harbor which is part of Lake Michigan. Seeing the lake brings back college memories.  I got to go out on U of M’s research vessel to take lake water samples.  We went about 100 miles out that day (about halfway to Wisconsin).  It was exciting!  I love being out on the water or even just near it.

We ate on their outdoor deck.  I had a great meal.  They had a homemade bread basket which smelled amazing.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh-baked bread.  That is probably one of the reasons why I like to make it.

I had a soup and a salad.  I guess it was soup and salad day!

The soup was one that was made fresh today.  The waitress explained it to be a farmers market explosion!

It was, and was delicious too!

I had a half order of a cob salad.  It is something I have not had in a long time and totally hit the spot.  I love blue cheese!

After dinner we walked the pier and found a little park for my daughter to play at.  We stopped and got a few things for the morning.  My daughter likes milk first thing in the morning so we had to get some of that!

That’s my eats for the day.  I think I did very well considering we are on vacation and on the road.  I am just doing the best I can and enjoying it.

It’s time to get ready for bed and see what tomorrow brings!

I hope you have a great night!

Talk to you soon.  🙂