Happy Friday!

My Friday morning was off to a rough start.  My coffee maker decided it was going into early retirement.  I have only had it about six months.  I had to call the company that makes them, and they are sending me my third one!  I am happy the company is so easy to work with, but I just want something that makes me coffee for more than a few months at a time.  So I was not able to make coffee. 

I decided to eat breakfast.  It was oatmeal (the last of my berries!),  I got to make it ok, but eat it without interrruption, not possible.  When you are a mom nothing is about you and I know this.  No matter how much I pre-plan, during a meal she will always stop me for something mid bite.  🙂


After eating, my daughter and I headed down stairs to get my circuit workout done.  I am still feeling very fatigued. I have been eating well for the past few days, so I am just going to chalk it up to my current medication.  I just need to suck it up and do the best I can until I see the doctor about it.    

During my circuit (I am not new to them either) I can only do about 2/3 of the reps that I normally can do in a minute.  I just don’t have it in me.  I struggled through two  of the three rounds and decided it was just not a circuit day for me.  I got on the treadmill for a nice walk, and my daughter wanted lunch.  When you are hungry, you are hungry, so I got off even though I barely got on. 

We ate lunch. 

It was another salad for me today.  It was with pear this time instead of apple.    It’s the last of that kind of salad stuff. 

I also had some brown and wild rice pilaf from last night’s dinner.  It is one of the better ones that I have made.  I’ll have to remember what I did.

I really wanted to accomplish some sort of workout today so we took the dogs for a walk on our normal 2 mile route.  My bigger dog dug her heels in and was done after about 5 minutes.  Can I accomplish anything today?

We took the dogs back home.  With my daughter still in the jogger I went for a run.  I can always tell about 3 minutes into my run how it will go.  If I don’t feel pain in that amount of time I am usually ok.  No pain!  I ran three miles!  I got to finish a workout today! Yay!

I came home and took a shower.  When I got out, my little one had snuggled up in bed and took a nap on her own.  My Friday is getting better! 

I had a Greek yogurt with honey and got started on my first post for today. 

My husband is on vacation starting Saturday and we are going to take a little trip.  He has been working like mad these days.  Employers think you should just be happy you have a job.  You would like a day off too?  I am excited.  I think we all need a change of pace.  It will be good to get away for awhile.  My daughter is excited to go on vacation too.

So I am going to get off the computer and get some stuff done before she wakes up.  It looks like the rest of my day is going to be a good one.

I hope yours is too!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.  🙂