Hi there! 

I had another good day of eats.  After the Greek Yogurt from this afternoon, here is how the rest of my day went:

I had a “pink lady” apple.  I do love this type!


One of my fig bars that I have in ample supply!


I was feeling snacky again and when that happens I am learning that it is time for a meal!  I grabbed a handful of bell pepper strips (the green ones I grew!) and cooked dinner. 


Since we are going on vacation I wanted to use up all the leftovers from last nights meal.  I still had veggies and pilaf.  In addition I made my Hoisin salmon. 

My husband does not like fish.  He will eat it to humor me (since it is my favorite), but when I make the Hoisin glaze he thinks the salmon is “superb”!  I agree.  I like it more than most salmon dishes I encounter.


For dessert, I had some chocolate granola that I bought today.  I put a 50/50 mix of skim milk and unsweetened almond milk. 

It was very good, but made me want more chocolate!  I had to eat half of one of my chocolate bars from last night.  I ate the sides away from the walnut.  🙂  Now I have a cute little square for another day.


That did the trick! 

I am full and have packing to do, so I don’t plan on eating anymore tonight.  I am excited for our weekend away!  I wonder what all we will see, and what eats we will find?   I will let you know!

Have a great night and I will talk to you tomorrow.  🙂