Today I think I did pretty good.  I had a few snacks and mostly meals! 

After the new hot cereal I showed you I had some veggies and PB.


I had four of these dates!


I was getting snacky, so time for dinner!

A fill me up dinner of brown sugar glazed carrots (a veggie I think my husband will eat!), peas (one he will not!), wild rice pilaf, and left over tilapia from yesterday!  It was really good!  I have not had a meal like that in a while.  I always love rice with fish.


I am feeling pretty full from that, but if I get some room I have one of these waiting for me.  I made some more of my favorite chocolate treat as of late!  So good!


That’s all my eats for today! 

I hope you had a great day and a good night!