Good afternoon!  I hope you all had a great morning.  It seems like my first post is getting later and later!  I have been getting up later which I guess is a good thing.  I am also slower to get started in the morning.  Maybe my hypothyroid meds are too low? I go for another blood test in November.  I’ll just do the best I can until then. 

I am feeling better than yesterday, but I am still feeling weak and not up to par.  No circuit workout sounded good to me.  I went through my stack of them (I put them all on index cards) and nothing sounded good.  So what did I do?   A free style circuit!

I just set my watch timer for 1 min repeats and set the chrono and I did all of my favorite strength training moves for 45 minutes.   It was enjoyable.  I guess I just did not want to be told what to do today.  🙂

I did each move for a minute and I did most of the moves for three rounds.    Maybe that is my new thing.  I guess I need to start designing my own circuits to cater to how I feel each day.  I do believe in challenging yourself so I will add stuff in that is not exactly my favorite (like push-ups!)  I need a change and I think this will do the trick.

For breakfast today:     Oatmeal again!  I topped it with banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pecans!  I love this combo!  I want to enjoy all of the last of the freshest berries.  Lately they have not been looking so great, but I got lucky last time I went to the market.  They taste as good as they look too!

For lunch:  A repeat salad of last night’s dinner except I used apple instead of pear just because I had a half of one in the fridge to use.  I am enjoying this salad and you may see it a few more times.  

I also had a sweet potato, cold and cubed this time with agave and pecans.  It’s sort of a lunch dessert!  Very tasty. 

That’s my eats so far.  I am going to head over to my parents for a visit.  It’s too bad it’s raining; my little one won’t be able to drive her little Jeep my parents bought her. Why didn’t I ever get anything like that?!  🙂

Have a good one,

Talk soon!