Hello there!

Today we spent some time with grandpa and grandma for a visit.  I had a few snacks over there.

Some roasted almonds-sea salt, but it won’t kill me today.  I was just happy my parents had nuts of any kind!  I ate half the pack.  The picture was taken at home.

An apple-Granny Smith!


Do you remember the fig bars I was loving? Well I had one today! They were hard for me to find and they are $0.99 a piece.  The price is not all that bad but by ordering them by mail, even with shipping I paied $0.50 a pack! 

I have never mail-ordered food like that before and my husband thought it was a little weird, but he loves to have the bars on hand at work.  Saving half the price is always welcomed!  We will be enjoying them for a long time considering I eat one of the two bars at a time in a pack.  🙂

It was time for dinner so I made fish tacos.  Soft corn tortillas, tilapia, lettuce, greek yogurt, black olives and my homemade salsa verde I made the other day.  Tasty as usual!

While I was at my parents we were talking about my grandma and I remembered that she liked to eat cottage cheese with peaches on top.  So my dessert tonight was in honor of her.  🙂

That’s my eats for the day.

I hope you all have a great night!