I ended up walking the dogs and my daughter for 40 minutes.  I am going to call that good enough for today.  My legs have been feeling dead these days and hopefully this will help.  We did dig a new fire pit and I drug some larger rocks to help form it.  It was a mild workout right?  Tomorrow is a circuit day so hopefully I will feel back up to speed for that. 

Today’s eats were good!  I ate as well as I could.  Here is what the rest of my day was:

I started with some soup for lunch.  While I made my oatmeal this morning I put a butternut squash in my toaster oven.  When it was time to eat lunch I made a quick soup out of it.  I love squash soup.  I tried it a bit different today.  Normally I use a bit of flour and butter for thickener but instead I tried cooking some oatmeal in the soup.  I used a hand blender and gave it a good puree.  It was good but I think it tastes better to me in the original version.  I may play with this a bit and see if I can get it right.  It was still good though.

Having a bit of ginger in the soup went perfectly with my tea.  It was nothing fancy, just some good old tea with orange rind and spices.  A nice fall lunch!

For a snack later I had a pear.

Then I felt like I needed some protein so I had a Greek yogurt with honey. 

Next I had raw carrots and steamed broccoli while I cooked dinner. 


I made some tomatillo salsa too.  I’ll probably use it tomorrow for fish tacos.

For dinner tonight it was grilled chicken salad with spinach, aged white cheddar, pear, dried cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette.

On the side I had a sweet potato mashed with pecans and drizzled agave nectar on top. 

It was a good eat day.  I don’t plan on having anything else tonight.   Maybe some walnut stuffed dates or maybe I will make one of my bars from yesterdays post.

I hope you all have a great night!

Talk to you tomorrow!