Happy Labor Day!

Today was spent with my in-laws.  It does not happen very often despite the fact they live maybe 4 miles away.  My husbands brothers and sisters have lot’s of kids and they keep them busy enough I guess.

I tried something new.  I made a bar combining my loves of walnuts and dates, and Dr. Mercola’s Cocoa Cassava bars.  It came out looking like this!

I thoroughly enjoyed them and I will make them again!

As for the rest of my eats today.  Not the best!  I had a very indulgent day (and not because of those guys pictured above, they are surprisingly good for you!).  The kind that will make me regret it tomorrow.  It’s ok, I will just go back to normal eating again.  It’s a good reminder of why I like to eat good food.  I know I will feel the effects of today tomorrow! 🙂

We were not home most of the day, but I did manage to get a two-mile walk in today.  That’s a plus!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

I’ll talk to you later.