This afternoon my husband needed a haircut, and I needed to pick up some dog and cat food.  So we headed out for more shopping. I grabbed an apple to eat on the way.

We ran our errands and then it was time for lunch.  I had a salmon burger with sweet potato fries!  I still had a mountain of fries to take home with me.  They are so good when you re-heat them in the toaster oven.  They are not as good as my oven made fries but good just the same.

If I had a sprouted bun it would have been an awesome meal.  Don’t think I wouldn’t think about bringing one next time.  🙂

Walnuts are back!

You know what that means…walnut stuffed dates!

I had them with some hot green tea.  I like to make an extra tea in a canning jar.  I pop on a lid and chill it and I have a single serving of iced tea ready to go!

For dinner I was feeling lazy on cooking.  My husband was still full from lunch so I went to the freezer to find something. I found some split-pea soup that I made who knows when.  It was still very good today!  I love having soup in the freezer for occasions like this.

I had it along side some of the multi-grain bread that I made the other day.  I put some butter on and drizzled honey over it.  It was more like my dessert!

Another piece may have landed on my plate and I may have eaten it.  🙂

I don’t plan on eating anything else tonight, maybe some dark chocolate or a smoothie if I feel the need. 

I hope you all had a wonderfully lazy Sunday!

Catch you later!