I hope your labor day weekend is off to a great start if you celebrate it!

My morning was busy and started later than normal.  I actually slept in!  Normally when my husband does not have to work on Saturday I get up early and get my workout in before everyone wakes up.  Not the case this morning.

I had some grocery shopping to do so we got an early start.  We began with breakfast.  I would like to say it was great but it was not for me.  We went to an IHOP out of convenience.  I have had their Lite and Fit Veggie Omelette before and enjoyed it but today it seemed a bit greasy and the oven roasted tomatoes (which I loved last time) freaked me out a bit.  So anyway here is what it looked like.  It looked good!  The fruit was good but I had to bypass all the honeydew and cantaloupe.  It always gives me a scratchy throat.

After, we headed to the motorcycle shop.  I love my motorcycle, but he’s very pretty and requires a lot of attention to keep him that way.  Polishing, waxing, dusting, and washing.  I think I want more of a dual sport now  so I can take him up north for trail riding too.  Off and on road, it’s the best of both worlds and he does not care if he get’s a bit dusty.  I did not see anything that caught my eye just yet.  No dual sports on the floor.

We hit up Costco next and did my shopping.  When we got done it was around noon and I was hungry for lunch.  I had half of a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish.  It was very good!  I have not had one in a long time!

At home I got everything put away and I needed a snack.  An apple, one of my homemade multi-grain rolls and a slice of aged white cheddar did the trick!  It was so good!

I still have not done my cardio yet for today.  It used to bother me if I did not get it done in the AM but it does not anymore.  I know I will get to it.  I just prefer to get it done early.  I am going to go for an evening run.  This is something I enjoy and don’t do very often, so I am excited for it.  I would go right now but it is super hot out.  I’ll wait for cooler temps tonight.

For dinner we are just going to have some left overs from last nights dinner.  I may have a greek yogurt or a smoothie for a snack later on.  That’s my eat day and plans for the night.  I’ll let you know if it varies.  🙂

I hope you have a great afternoon and evening!

Talk soon!