Happy Friday!  We made it!

I celebrated it with a circuit this morning.  Kapalua Circuit, courtesy of Gabby Reece.  The thing I like best about her is that she offers her advice on health and fitness for the most part free!  She gives you beginner options Train360 (what I started out with) and even more challenging circuit workouts for the advanced and intermediate person.  It’s all free!  The workouts are listed and even demoed on her website.

I did purchase a program from her once and I think it cost me around seven whole dollars, not hundreds like some of the others out there.  Her workouts are challenging but realistic.  It’s about the everyday person and I like that.  I know I am going on about her too much, It just amazes me that someone is trying to help people out and not trying to capitalize on it as much as possible.

So that was my workout for today.  Before I get on to breakfast, I would like to set some food goals for myself.

I am going to try to eat three good meals a day to keep my snacking down.  Snacking is not bad, I know that, it is a good thing!  It keeps your blood sugar even and gives you energy.  I just feel like I am eating better when I have regular meals mixed with snacks.  I have been “off” lately and it feels like I am snacking through my day sometimes.  This happens occasionally.  I get bored with making the same meals, and feel uninspired to cook, and the result is me snacking.  Searching for new meal ideas or ingredients always helps.  I also need to pay attention to my body on hunger and fullness cues.  Now on to breakfast!

Today was cereal!  I first heard about Uncle Sam cereal from loveeatrun.  She said something to the effect that it was one of the only cereals that kept her feeling full.  I decided to try it a while back and I really enjoyed it.

So today, I had some of that (strawberry flavor, a bit more sugar than the original but enjoyable so once in a while it’s good!)  with a banana and frozen blueberries on top.  I poured half milk and half unsweetened almond milk on top.  I loved this combination!

So far I have kept my goals and for lunch, a nice sandwich!

So two meals down, one to go, and some snacks!

I hope you had a great Friday morning and afternoon to come!

Catch you later!