Todays eats look a bit thrown together to me.  For a snack I had a banana with PB.

For lunch I had the last of my fried green tomatoes!  They tasted even  better today!

I sprinkled them with a bit of parmesan and they were spectacular!  I only eat them once a year, maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.

I felt like I needed some protein too, so I had a bit of trail mix (unsalted peanuts and raisins).

It held me over for a while then I started dipping back into the peanut jar and figured I must need more of a meal.  I had a crazy looking tuna sandwich.  He was tasty though!

He just looks thrown together and haphazard like my banana was too.  Here’s a slightly better picture of him.  It’s his good side.

I took my daughter out to ride her bicycle out on the sidewalk.  She did even better this time.  I had to push only half the time.  🙂  I need a handle or something.  I am nearly 6′ and it’s kinda hard to push from the back of her bike.  It has a seat carrier behind her seat, to take stuffed animals for a ride too, so it’s not the best thing for me to push on.  It’s ok.  She enjoys it.  🙂

After we got back I had some of these dark chocolate gems.

I guess that must mean it is almost time for dinner.

Stuffed mushrooms!  Cheddar cheese, turkey bacon, and greek yogurt are in the mix.


I ate a bunch of carrots and GF crackers with peanut butter!  Yum.  Sorry no picture, it was done on the fly.

I polished it off with 3/4 of a peanut butter Jay Robb bar ( also not pictured) and one of my protein smoothies.

I made it the usual way but with blueberries subbed for strawberries.  It was good.  I’ll probably eat the last 1/4 of the protein bar and call it a night.  A bit overdone today but I feel ok.

I hope you all have a great evening!

Talk soon!