Happy Thursday!

Yay!  We are almost there, a nice long weekend!  I think there is a chance my husband might actually get the weekend off!

For breakfast today I had oatmeal.  Carrot Cake Oatmeal!

Drizzled with a touch of amber agave it really hit the spot!  I have other plans for it too!  I think I also might need to make a carrot quick bread soon!

Today being my cardio day, I think I want to do something other than running.  My knee/hips have been feeling better than they have in a very long time and I am so afraid of messing that up.  So I am going to do a training program on my stationary bike today.

When we bought the bike I had my reservations.  I wanted a cool spin bike, but my husband thought if it were a recumbent he would actually use it.  I thought if that were the case then ok, I would get that one.  Two years later and he has not touched it except for  the few times he sat on it when we got it and I have a new opinion on them.

I thought they would be “lazy” or something.  I guess because of its recumbent position, all laid back!  It is not the case!  That bike can really give me a kick in the rear!  Sometimes I would rather run 10 miles than do some of those training programs!  You can’t stand up and let gravity do the work on a recumbent.  It’s all you!

I would like to add a spin bike to my home gym just for a change-up.  That and an elliptical.  I love working out at home.  Piece by piece, I am building a pretty cool “gym” downstairs.  I used to go to a gym but the best one is 20-25 minutes away and in the time I drove there and back, you could have a pretty good workout done already!  I do have a little girl too, and I would not feel comfortable putting her in the gyms care while I worked out.  My sister-in-law does it and has no problem with it.  I am sure it’s fine, just not for me.  In addition, I also like working out in a sports bra and shorts or training pants.  Something I would not feel comfortable doing in a full gym.  🙂

Do any of you prefer working out at home or the gym?  What is your favorite form of cardio?  If it’s running, what do you do for cross training?