This morning was worrisome for me.  I had to have a follow-up Gyno appointment.  I have been “spotting” two weeks after my period for about 4 months.  I decided to go have it checked out and an ultrasound was needed.

Cancer is always the first thing on my mind in situations like this.  My grandmother died of ovarian cancer and my aunt had to have a hysterectomy for similar issues.  So as much as I convinced myself I was not worried, I was.

In addition to the spotting I have been having increased PMS!  Headaches, excessive water weight gain(8-10lbs!), irritability and intense cravings occur once a month!  It turns out it is all due to hormones!  I do have a hypothyroid and thought maybe it was something related, but that is fine.

So I am going to go on birth control pills for two months and see if it helps all of my issues.  We can go from there to see what the next step is.  I hate taking medication so we will see how it goes.

So that was a huge relief!  I came home this morning ate my oatmeal (yesterdays variation repeat),

and went for a run.  I felt slow (excess water weight gain does not help!) but I was still on my newer fast pace!  After a while I felt good running and ended up doing 6 miles!  I have not gone that far in one setting in almost three years!  My knee felt great!  A little hip stiffness but even that is getting better!

It was a great morning!

I have a question:  When you are not training for a race what distances do you typically run in a week.  I have read books on marathon training but I don’t know much about maintenance or slight increases, how far do you keep running?  I don’t want any new or repeat injuries!

I am going to eat lunch (another sandwich like yesterdays as well!) and head over to pick up my little girl from my parents.

I hope you have a great afternoon!

Talk soon!