This morning I never did eat my smoothie.  I had oatmeal instead.  My daughter wanted to make me oatmeal (she likes to measure out the oats and water and put it into the pan) so I opted for that.  It was good,  PB, banana, peanuts, flax-seed, and millet, what’s not to like?

For lunch I had a great sandwich.  It was nothing unusual.  A classic for me, why mess with a classic.  Sliced chicken, sprouted bread, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato!

For a snack I had my Ginger Gold apple!  Here in Michigan they are available only once a year at the end of August-maybe October.  I found some Michigan grown ones and was super excited!  They taste like college to me.  I always would eat them on campus this time of year.  Back to school apples.  🙂

I also found some humus in a can.  It’s the same brand of Tahini I use to make my humus so I decided to give it a try.  You add lemon juice and garlic and presto, instant humus.  I tried it also because it was all natural with no preservatives.  I ate it with a ton of veggies.  I don’t think I ate a ton of veggies with it so much because it was great humus, as I probably was just very hungry.  I don’t think I would buy it again.  I like their tahini but this product has citric acid in it and then on top of adding your own lemon juice it was just too much for me.  I’ll eat it but I won’t purchase it again.  I will give them an A++ on texture.  It is sooo creamy!

On veggies!

On GF crackers!

Ok, getting a bit snacky, it must be time for dinner.  I opted for leftover pizza because the weather is fabulous this evening, and I want to get back out in it!  I didn’t feel like being stuck in the kitchen.  I picked off as much meat from my husbands pizza as I could without totally mutilating it.  It was good!  Lot’s of veggies!

For dessert it was the last of my GF zucchini bread.  I might have to make some more soon!  It was still good today!

That’s my eats for today!

I think it’s time for an evening walk!

I hope you have a great night!