This morning we had and still do have a lot to accomplish.  I started out my day with my oatmeal and got to work on making the potato salad for our party we are invited to this evening.

I had a lot of chopping to do.  That is before I cut up a dozen eggs to add to the mix!

I have it all mixed up now but the containers I usually put them in are MIA.  I found a lid, but no bottom!  I still need to work on finding them.

After that was finished I went for a run.  I started it with a 15 minute walk with the dogs and the stroller. As usual we took the dogs home and went for the run.  I did 5 miles again pretty easy!  I feel great!  No knee pain and hardly any hip tightness.  I might be on my way to normal!

When the run was done I just wanted to get going on cleaning us up, eating and getting ready but my daughter wanted to go to the park.  Since she is so good and stays in the jogger for up to an hour at a time with no complaints I like to give her something in return.

I remembered the left over Jimmy Johns half from last night, grabbed him with some water and we walked to the nearest school so she could play for a bit.

We saw some cool mushrooms there!

We gathered acorns and then it was time to go.

I love the green color!

We came home and I had some snacks. 

An apple which I ended up slicing and eating with a TBS of PB!

Trail mix (raisins and unsalted roasted peanuts!)

Those are my eats for this afternoon.  I am excited for the party.  It’s time to get cleaned up and organized for it!

I hope you have a great afternoon too!

Talk soon!