Happy Friday!

Yay!  We made it!

Last night I told you about my possible smoothie.  I made it and it was delicious!

So you can imagine my disappointment

when he came spilling out of the freezer!

I think I told you I always pour a glass and freeze it, then I work on what’s in the blender.  When I opened the freezer door the glass took a tumble!  I will have to keep that in mind whenever I use a wine glass!

Anyway, I also had three walnut stuffed dates, a tiny piece of zucchini bread, and a Jay Robb bar!

That’s the wrapper.  I just ripped it open and got to work on it without taking a picture first.  🙂

Speaking of getting to work, it’s time for a Friday Circuit with none other than a Gabby Reece one!

SB=Stability ball


3 rounds, 60 seconds per exercise
10-15 seconds rest in-between each exercise
1 minute rest in-between each round

1. Handstand (against the wall) or plank
2. KB Reaching and Touch Side Lunge
3. The L DB Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press
4. DB and SB Chest Press with a Sky Reach
5. KB or DB step BACK Lunge and Touch
6. SB dynamic upside down L (surfer pop up)
7. Side Plank Open and Close
8. Jumping Jax
9. Leg Kick Hand to Toe
10. DB Clean and Jerk (be dynamic)
11. DB Kickback Split Lunge (both legs at a 90 degree angle)
12. The Kelly Meyer Alternating Ballet Air Kicks
13. Spiderman

So that’s the workout plan for today!  As for breakfast,  I am not feeling hungry quite yet.  I think I will do the circuit and figure that out later!

Have a good morning!